Wednesday, October 03, 2007

So, uh...

...I just found out I'm going to the game tonight. My work has season tickets that we share; I won the Game 1 lottery. Which is weird because I never win anything.

Holy crap. Hopefully tonight will extend my Sox-Angels playoff game record to 2-0.

Update: In comments, GR correctly pointed out the obnoxiousness of this post. Sorry about that - I was a bit in shock. If it helps, I'll be traveling for work outside the US for every other playoff game, so will only read about the results.


  1. So, uh, Earl's first post in a while is to rub in the fact that he is going to the game...booooo

    Well, uh, I will be sitting in Fenway traffic on the way home...How about that? Oh, and I am having an Anna's burrito for lunch. Kapow! And, as per my previous comment in the last post, I won't even be watching the game in HD! Wowzers!

  2. Sorry. I really wasn't trying to rub it in. But it'd be stupid for me not to say anything either.

    (Nice use of "kapow" and "wowzers", by the way.)

  3. I know..I was just kidding. I was trying to make my post sound like those things were good comebacks...

  4. Obvioulsy I am a bit out of the loop, but what most caught me by surprise was soemthing in the post about Earl and a job. I think they were linked as in "Earl has a job."

  5. Earl... don't feel bad. Now we can all live vicariously through you! Rock on!

    So who's going with you? Wink, wink, wink.

    Hah! Have a great time tonight. I have a stupid recruiting dinner so the game is on Tivo so no calling me!

  6. Ok, I'm a tiny bit jealous, but you'd better believe that if I had tix I'd be crowing from the rooftops. Gloat on, brother, gloat on.

  7. This is a beauty. CHB today writes:

    "For most of the summer it was clear that the Sox were playoff-bound and in the final days before the start of the tournament our region was bombarded by clinch celebrations, a tedious rally at City Hall Plaza, and the contrived "election" of President Rem-Dawg.

    With all the silly matters in the rearview mirror, it was nice last night to see the locals get back to the business of playing baseball, and Beckett's work made it a very tidy evening at the ballpark. The series resumes tomorrow night at Fenway with Daisuke Matsuzaka getting the ball for the Red Sox."

    I agree with the sentiment 100%. In fact anytime discussion of how bad Harrelson, Kay or Rex are in calling there games, I will not be able to quickly defend Jerry and Don due to their ridiculous amount of time talking about the RSN President this summer.

    But.... for CHB to ridicule the overbearing reach of the nation is completely hypocritical. Is this not the same guy that basically built his retirement and kid's college fund on the backs of contrived, silly notion?

  8. Speaking of writers...

    This one from today's NY Post and Joel Sherman (who is usually pretty decent):

    "Tonight Chamberlain will see his first major league playoff game in person as the most important reliever, heck, perhaps the most important player in the entire postseason."

    Please. The most important player in the entire post season? Is he serious? He might be about the 4th most important person in the NYY-CLE series.

  9. Interesting comments on CHB... I tend to agree with him. I think it's a bit tough to throw him under the bus for contriving fiction for a living after all it's sort of the nature of his job. Plus, the curse was an fascinating myth.

    Anyway, as for the NY Chamberlain fascination. They better hope he figures into the games. How can you say he will be the most important player when it's very likely two or three other pitchers will pitch before he even touches the mound!

  10. Exactly - every game in that series could be a blowout. And he could pitch 6 perfect innings, but they really wouldn't mean that much.

    On the other hand, Borowski has to be a big question mark.

    So I would say the important players are (in order).

    A-Rod (MVP)
    Sizemore (sets the tone for their offense)
    Clemens (no one knows what to expect)
    Sabathia - dominant lefty who will likely start two games vs a very left handed lineup.
    And then maybe Joba.

    Hard to see how a guy who might pitch 6 innings will be more important than a lot of players.

  11. This is after the fact, but Perez (lefty reliever for the Indians) I think will factor into this series more than Chamberpot. He pitched 2 last night and will probably see action again.

    Also, what about Fausto? I mean this kid has a HUGE impact on today's game.

    Just silliness all around.