Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Great place to watch the playoffs

I'm in Finland. Not much interest in baseball here in Finland, it turns out. Very hard to watch games - impossible, it would seem. Finland's illustrious role in baseball history, other than a variant called Pes├Ąpallo, is that it was the birthplace for John Michaelson, who pitched 2 2/3 innings for the Chicago White Sox in 1921. And that's it. Really.

I just got my internet connection going, so only now found out about the Sox and Yankees, which is ridiculous. Rather than go back to old posts to comment, I'd add:

- I know the Sox are rolling, but the Indians are a tough team. And I seem to remember another 3-game sweep of the Angels by the Sox, after which time they struggled for 3 8/9 games. Obviously that turned out all right, but I'm not ready to be cocky yet.

- Mets fans must love that Kaz Matsui's a big part of the NLCS Rockies team.

- Joba/Ankiel: Will Leatch (Deadspin founder) made the same comparison as well. He's maybe a bit too sympathetic about the bugs, but his new blog for the Times is quite good (especially the first post). If more sportswriters were like that...

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