Thursday, October 11, 2007

Good NYT reading

So it's a total cheap shot to quote Boston-area sports radio to make a point that Boston is obsessed with the Yankees (typical of NY sports writers). I mean, sports radio sucks, especially in Boston. And yet, their Suzyn Waldman jokes are pretty damn funny. This is perhaps the first time I've ever enjoyed something from Boston sports radio - and I read it in the Times.

Also from the NYT: Paul at YFSF discovers some amazing articles from when Manny was a kid in Washington Heights. I know he was a big deal even back then, but I hadn't read anything from the time.


  1. While there are some obsessed with NY, I think most real Boston fans are over it.

    Boston has been to the ALCS 3 out of the last 5 years. They won a WS only 3 years ago. They won the AL East this year. They are as strong a team as anyone else this year. They have young pitching ready to take over next year. They are in good shape.

    I think that even the national media was making fun of Waldman. She said she was being poetic. The truth is, though, that she should be impartial as a broadcaster. Honestly, each year Remy does a game announcing as a "homer". It is hilarious because that is what every NY broadcast is like.

    I think the radio station that carries the Yankees in NY is loving the fact that she is made fun of a lot. She stinks, but people are tuning in...

  2. I can agree with Grieves on at least one point, she stinks. Having listened to the 880 AM broadcast twice this past weekend I was floored. In game 2 of the series she could not talk about anything else but Jaba from the third inning on! The game was 1-0 Yankees and Fausto was pitching lights out. Then during the famous bug-incident she kept bemoaning poor Jaba. No mention of any bugs the next inning when Fausto went back to the mound and quickly quieted the Yankees. In game 3, she was back to talking about Jaba, ending one inning with the puke-tastic "Good Job-a by Jaba".

    I listened to her break-down, you can find it on her wikipedia page. It's actually not as bad as the Clemens episode. I think she is getting more shit because of her previous stumble. That being said, her entire tone in the crying episode as well as in her regular broadcasts is in my opinion way too biased. Only Yankee fans, who think they deserve every championship would put up with it. There is a reason she was signed on through 2011.

  3. I agree with GR as well - Waldman is a national story (all things Yankee are national, just tune into ESPN) AND this one was worse due to the whole Clemens thing. I also agree 100% that she is supposed to be objective. As much as Don and Jerry drive me nuts by being unprofessional and silly (highlighted by non stop talk this sunmmer about the "election"), at least they are not Rex, Hawk, or Kay/Sterling in homerism.

    And, yeah, I think the Sox are mostly over it. Sure some Sox fans are obssessed, but the mental jinx is gone (I refuse to use CHB's "C" word). The Sox have been more successful than the Yankees in the regime of the current ownership and might be behind only the Cardinals (3 LCS, 2 WS, and 1 Championship in five years) in overall success, with a chance to equal or surpass that this year.

    Plus, I think once the series starts tonight, people won't be talking about NY as much - unless George chooses to announce some of his news during the playoffs (notwithstanding the embargo on press during the World Series - I can't see George caring though.