Monday, October 08, 2007

As Planned???

The Sox complete the sweep of the Angels and looked to be firing on all cylinders. They pitched extremely well, they had very good at-bats, and their fielding was flawless *(with the exception of Manny overrunning a line drive).

Now, they sit and wait until Friday when they will play Cleveland or NY. With the way that series is shaping up, one might think it will go five. Wang pitches for the Yankees tonight on three-days rest. Where is Mussina? Then, my guess, Pettitte in Game 5, if necessary.

What does that mean? Probably Phillip Hughes against Beckett in Game 1 (if the Yankees prevail) or Carmona against Beckett in Game 1.

Either way, let's hope this series goes 5...Although, with the way the Sox are playing, it might not matter who is pitching.

1 comment:

  1. An even better scenario would be for Sabathia to pitch game 5 and then Carmona come out of the pen and pitch a couple innings of relief leaving the Indians to have to start Westbrook in game 1. Reminiscent of the Sox starting Kent Mercker in game 1 in 1999.

    Hmmm. I just noticed your name - the Grieve Rules. Are these like the Joba rules? Speking of Joba. He was a bit wild again last night. And gave up a run again. Maybe he'll go all Ankiel on us yet again.