Saturday, October 06, 2007


Sometimes I find myself wondering what things would be like had the big trade pre-2004 happened. We'd have A-Rod and Magglio Ordonez - this year's likely MVP and MVP runner up - in addition to David Ortiz. That would go down as one of the scariest lineups in history. And it'd probably also avoid some of the ridiculous soap opera BS (fueled by media and fans) we've endured much of for the last 3 seasons.

But I like this better:

Meanwhile, in New York, maybe Joel Sherman was right: Joba is a key player in this series.

At least the New York tabloid writers had a field day:
DOOM BUGGY...STUNG!...Tribe, bugs put bite on Yanks...Yanks victim of insecticide...Bombers in 0-2 hole after bugging out ... "termites in the bat rack, not Lake Erie midges" ... Joba Buggin' ... "here is a new Joba Rule: He is not lord of the flies" ... Now they're in a swarm of trouble ...
..."the eighth inning was a giant Midge-Stake by the Lake for the rookie right-hander"...SWAT'S UP...BUGGIN' OUT...could be zapped tomorrow...Reality Bites for Yanks..."they have a Perfect Swarm to thank"...Andy Pettitte's gem gets lost in the buzz...and the best/worst:

"A-Rod's October Gnat Happening"


  1. Funny, though, how Perez had pinpoint control despite the bugs. But, whatever...The Yankees just can't lose a game. Something has to happen that makes them lose.

    I guess we'll be facing Cleveland in the second round...What, too soon?

    Seriously, though. With no one to pitch game 4 for the Yankees, I can't see them taking the next two with Clemens and "other" pitching. Of course, if they do...they'd have Pettitte or Wang in game 5. How do the Sox look now that they took the long series???

    Also, I could see the Angels winning the next two in Anaheim...I know that the pressure should be on the Angels, but I think it is key for the Sox to finish this off tomorrow. I'd hate to have the season riding on Daisuke in Fenway in Game 5.

  2. I guess you never really know with these games. The Yanks have pitching issues, but there bats almost have to wake up tomorrow and Monday. And they get to potentially feast on Westbrook and Byrd.

    Adn in the other series, I just don't see how the Angels will even one game. They look tired. They are playing on the heels. The Sox have to be in their head a little bit. And Schilling should be able to find a way to go 6 innings and give up ony 2 or 3 runs. At worst.

    Bug gate is funny. I'm sure the media (NY anyway) will have field day with this one. To Joba's credit, he did not use it as an excuse. My Yankee fan friend who had vehnemently profused that Joba did not throw at Youk now is swearing that the bugs affected Joba. So I just said exactly like GR - it did not bother Perez. And Joba has shown to be wild (i.e., Youk).

  3. I know the bugs will forever be used as excuses by the Yankee fans, but that performance by Joba should be referred to as down right Ankielian. Could you imagine if he implodes tomorrow and/or in the future. He did have some control issues in the minors.