Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Well then.

Yesterday's game wasn't quite a "must-win", but it was definitely a "please-win". No dice. So the Sox have to win 3 in a row to stay alive. They've done that 3 times in recent memory: 1999 ALDS (vs CLE), 2003 ALDS (vs OAK), and 2004 ALCS (vs NYY). This team can absolutely do it again, but it's hard to feel super optimistic. Yes, we can only hope Beckett will continue to be amazing; but the way things are going I feel he could pitch a complete game 1-hitter and still get the loss.

Earl's Red Sox Keys to the Next Three Games:
1) Start scoring runs.
2) In each game, score more runs than the Indians do.


  1. I really feel like Francona got into panic mode last night. Wake wasn't getting tagged, there were just some fluke plays. Youk drops the pop-out, Wake knocks down a definite double-play ball, and Martinez hit a great knuckleball through the infield (seeing-eye single). The Blake homer was the only crushed pitch. I can't help but think that if the Sox had one run on the board that Francona leaves Wake in there.

    My thoughts on the next 3 games...
    Beckett wins tomorrow...That is all that matters.

    Schill could beat Carmona, and he is probably embarrassed by his last outing. Remember bloody sock Schill? If it gets to Game 6, that is who we'll see.

    But then there is Game 7. I doubt Westbrook will repeat his last performance (in Fenway, no less)...But I don't have too much faith in Daisuke at this point. And Pedro won't be trotting out of the pen...

    Of course, the Indians are playing with a ton of confidence, so there is a good chance that it is over tomorrow night.

  2. We've got them right where we want 'em!