Thursday, October 25, 2007

Things I didn't know before today, but should have

- For all their winning in the LDS and LCS, the Rockies really weren't hitting much. I mean, check this out - in the NLCS, five of their eight regular hitters had an OPS of .513 or below. (They were marginally better in the NLDS.)

- Jayson Stark mentioned that the Sox outscoring opponents 43-6 in the last four games was second most in postseason history. Which is crazy. First was the 1996 Braves: in Games 5-7 of the NLDS they beat the Cardinals 14-0, 3-1,and 15-0 (series MVP: Javy Lopez), and then beat the Yanks in Game 1 of the World Series 12-1, for a differential of 42-1.

Sort of spooky: They swept the NLDS (beating a team from LA); in the NLCS they won Game 1 but lost the next three, only to win all three must-win games and the pennant; then they crushed the opponent in Game 1 of the WS. Problem is: the Yankees won that Series, 4-2.


  1. Along the same line, during the game, they showed that both teams that had one game 1 by 12 runs went on to lose the series. I thought for sure that Tito must have seen that stat and sent ibn Gagne to take care of it.

    I know, I know. I'm kidding. I don't mean to pile on. Sorry GR.

  2. Oh Cananda... We love your Gagne son! He sucks so much. We only use him some. We like to pile-on. And make our friend real mad. He blows his top. Every time we're bad.

    Wow... I really do suck at writing songs.

  3. Speaking of O Canada.... I think that Daisy probably forever hates me for my rendition of Oh Canada the other night.

  4. I won't go all Clubber Lang like GR, but here is my prediction.

    Ubaldo will be yet another post season starter to be given an early exit by the Sox. Four walks and two HRs will be his ticket out of the game before the end of the fifth. The BB and HR have been his weak spots all year - and the Red Sox are not a good team to be playing if those are your weaknesses.

  5. Oh man, they said that during the game? Crap - now I feel lame.

    (I went to bed after the 6th.)

  6. Ok, I am here...My laptop isn't connecting to the wireless and the game is about to start...I will post though...

  7. ROCK ON. Let's start a new thread.

  8. I pity X for not going Clubber Lang...

    X, somehow I knew you'd get the prediction quote...

    And I agree about Ubaldo...early exit.

    Predictions on Schill?

    Lots of contact. Hopefully right at people. He's giving up 5 tonight,but the Sox will score early enough where that won't seem like much.

  9. first time through the lineup for the Sox? not so good.

  10. 2nd time will be better. We're in a new thread.