Friday, October 12, 2007

Game time: 2:07am (EEST)

Maybe I should've just stayed on East Coast time. Oh well; I'm going to try to watch it online. Anyone up for a game thread?

I have nothing interesting to say about the upcoming series (other than Sox in 7), since Andrew has already written a medium-sized book on it.


  1. Sorry Earl - I think it will be just you and GR if he is around. I am having two friends over to watch and Dino will be ath the game mot%*%%*cker.

    But its his birthday, so if anyone deserves it (beside me), it is him.

  2. This game thread rocks.
    6am, time for bed.

  3. This thread totally rocks.

    The game was awesome. The very positive vibe around the stadium pre-game was different and great. It is nice to be in the ALCS and NOT playing the Yankees. Not because I want the Yankees to lose but rather that I prefer a competition between the best teams. CC's location was off. His "stuff" was working - breaking balls and sliders were breaking nicely and folling hitters. He just could not locate his off pitch. That is going to make any pitcher a tad bit more predictable. That being said, the Sox were picking him up from the start. Even Dustin's shot in the first was well hit. CC avoided the fates of Byrce and Matt with some fast reflexes. Patience bad off big for the Sox.

    With Fausto going tonight it will be interesting. My guess is Fausto is going to come after the Sox early and try to take advantage of their willingness to give up the first strike. In contrast, my guess is the Indians will sit on Schilling at first in attempt to work up his pitch count. I see a 1 run game heading into the third ABs for both teams (~5th inning). Sox will head to Bullpen first and keep things close. The game will be decided by Borowski or Papelbon depending on who gets lucky early.

  4. Sorry.. just rereadng... I meant to write patience paid off big for the Sox.

    Less than 5 hrs until game time!!!!

  5. Another thought, we should use this post for tonight's thread and rename it "the homestand" starts...

    What do I know. I am watching Slovenia v. Albania on FoxSports. And yes, I will spare you the details. Although I have to say it's a physical first-half.

  6. I am so making this thread WAY better.

    Less than 90 minutes until game time.

    Drew is in the line-up, which is no surprise.

  7. What is nice is the Sox can use Delcarmen, Oki and Papelbon with complete impunity. I could easily see a scenario where those 3 guys pitch the last four innings. Maybe throw in Javy for one AB against Hafner (or someone). So even if CLE wait out Schill, it will be no real problem for the Sox. That said, in the last game Schill threw some ridiculous % of pitches for strikes. I expect him to nibble a bit more this game, but not much - just aganist Sizemore, Martinez and Hafner.

  8. Okay, I'm awake, barely. I'm going to start a new thread...