Thursday, November 01, 2007

My two favorite moments/stories of the 2007 WS

1. By far, my favorite Red Sox moment of all time. The post game interview with Tim Wakefield and Timlin comes storming in and says, basically, that Wake is the greatest teammate in the world for making the ultimate sacrifice by saying that he could not pitch in the WS and giving up his roster spot. And Timlin said how every guy in that locker room appreciated it b/c it is so hard to admit something like that. Wake was so touched by what Timlin said, he was choking back tears.

Seeing/hearing this got me thinking about how very true it was what Timlin said. Think of Schill starting game 2 of the LCS in 2004 after hurting his leg in ANA and getting lit up, before Dr. Morgan performed the surgery, or even Clemens this year against CLE having to leave after like two innings. I know these guys are competitors. And think they can do it an be a hero, but what Wake did probably took more courage, guts, and brains than any of us could imagine.

I always thought a little too much was made of Wake sacrificing his start(s) in 2004 to rescue the pen. I take all that back and now think Wake may have made the leap to being my all time favorite Red Sox.

2. The story I heard about the Sox post game private party at their hotel in Denver and Maroon 5 were staying at the hotel as well and got invited to the party. They apparently broke out their instruments and started jamming, with the highlight of the evening being the band playing and Papelbon and Beckett (among others) leading the band and team in a sing along of "We are the Champions." How freaking sweet is that?


  1. nice post! Here are some of my pictures from third row concert and soundcheck! We actually got to meet them too!

  2. Ah... is this our first link from Maroon 5?!

  3. I liked everything about X's post except Maroon 5...

  4. I don't even think I know a single song by Maroon 5. It probably would have been just as cool if it was the Lawrence Welk band - just the thought of them all singing along is great.


    Here is the wake interview - the only thing missing is the follow up where wake was visibly moved an fighting back tears.