Monday, November 19, 2007

Two notes

1) Team USA beat Cuba to win the gold in the World Cup. First time in 33 years - congrats guys. Tampa Bay prospects Evan Longoria and Justin Ruggiano provided much of the offense; Delwyn Young and Jayson Nix (brother of Laynce Nix...what's with that family putting extra "y"s in their names?) also contributed.

2) A-Rod has announced his contract talks are in the "bottom of the fifth inning". Which tells us nothing. Is he talking about a meaningless game in April, or in the playoffs?


  1. "Ortiz's prolific on base percentage even made his teammates look better. Mike Lowell had the lowest home run total of any Sox player with 120 RBIs since the dead ball era, a direct result of hitting behind Big Papi."

    Um, Lowell hit behind Ramirez, right?

    "RBI crowns come pretty easy when you hit behind Derek Jeter, but it's a different story when you spend half a season waiting for Julio Lugo to get on base."

    Right, and having on-base king Youk in front of you isn't bad, either. Youk had almost identical OBP as Jeter. Not to mention that he just spoke about Mike Lowell's high RBI total coming from having someone on in front of him all the time.

    Some of the stats are true. A lot A-Rod's power numbers were not valuable, but you could argue many of Ortiz's numbers were the same. In fact, while this guy argues that Ortiz kept the Sox in first, who was leading the Yankees' way?

    It's a dumb argument because rarely does a DH win anyway.

    By the way, Evan Longoria...isn't he on some ABC television show?

  2. By the way, Evan Longoria...isn't he on some ABC television show?

    Yes he is.

  3. Wow... my favorite part of Earl's link is Peter N's classic comment. I loved Peter N pre-Darkman.

    Do we think that "bottom of the fifth inning" means that the Angels still have a shot?

    I would so LOVE another U-turn.