Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Another "B" in Cooperstown

According to ESPN, Schilling in Boston for one more year is a done deal.


Update: $2 million in "weight incentives". Damn, I wish my job had that.
Update 2: Curt announces he passed his physical.


  1. It is pretty much a no brainer to bring him back. Even if they shell out the $13MM, it is only on a one year deal.

    I'm not too worried about them becoming the Yankees. Their payroll for 2008 shuold actually be below thier 2007 levels. Barring some major deal.

    Schill will be the same (at most)
    Beckett gets a couple million pop
    Tavarez makes a bit more
    Hinskie is off the books
    Clement is off the books
    Lowell will likely get a raise over his $9MM
    Crisp and his $4MM are likely replace by Elsbury and his $400K
    And a few guys will get bumps through arbitration etc (most notably Youk.

    And a ton of guys are locked in (Manny, Ortiz, Tek, Drew, Lugo, dice-K, wake) at the same prices as last year or minimu salary deals (Pedroia, delcarmen, bucholz, pedroia, elsbury, even paps).

    This is a no brainer.

    Now we just need to find a way to get Johan - maybe Crisp and $$, plus Bucholz and Hansen/Delcarmen.

  2. Johan would be excellent! That would be sick. I would consider that an amazing off-season if we can keep Lowell and add Johan.

    With Arod leaving I am worried that Yankees will snatch Johan :-(

  3. The problem with the Yanks and making a deal for Johan or someone of that magnitude is that they don't have any depth at the major league level.

    MN is presumably going to need a CF with Torii likely going to TX. So the Yanks would have to give them Melky and a top arm - Hughes or Chamberlain, probably. And throw in the third prospect. Then the Yanks have to play Damon in CF or make another move fill CF once Melky is gone. and their rotation with say Hughes gone is Santana, Wang, Mussina, Pettite and Chamberlain/Kennedy. I guess the Yankees could do it, thye just would have to dig a deeper hole to do it.

    Cashman is probably hoping MN does not deal him and then they can pay him $140/6 years as FA after next year when the Giambi/Mussina/Abreu?Matsui contracts are off the books.

    In other news, Jose Guillen received steroids. he would have been a first or second round pick of players in a fantasy draft of potential users (not named to date)

    My other guesses would be Milton Bradley, Carl Everett as a long shot (although he claimed to not take aspirin since he was trying to be pure), Bret Boone and Luis Gonzalez are pretty much givens. Adrian Beltre. Eric Gagne. Billy Koch. Brian Giles. Brian Jordan. Nomar.

    And this was my list that I came up with in about 2 minutes, so by no means is it complete.

  4. X, don't be talking trash about my name-sake!

    Come on now!

  5. From boston.com:

    NOTE: Schilling's inning pitched clause starts at 130 innings and goes in 10-inning increments up to 200 innings. He makes $375,000 per increment.

    Also, Schilling weigh-ins will be very difficult to make. He would have to really be in outstanding shape to make all six weigh-ins and earn the $2 million extra according to a source familiar with the contract.