Saturday, November 17, 2007

Program Notes

I added a new link section on the right, "Boston Land of Champions". I am actually surprised by the lack of fan blogs out there for the other teams in the Boston area. Anyway, I found a couple good ones which I've added as links.

I am also tempted to go through our existing links and kill any link that hasn't had a recent post (say in the last 6 months). What do people think?

Also there is a new template feature through blogspot, not sure if we are interested in radical change. Let me know.


  1. Definitely change the Sox/Yanks/baseball blogrolls however you like. Not sure I like the "other teams" list though; as of now, no team (other than the World Champion Boston Red Sox) has actually won anything. (Revs just lost the mlb championship...)

  2. And by mlb championship you mean mls, but that's cool. I agree it's a little presumptuous, so I changed the name to "Boston Teams".

    The Revs game was fun to watch. The Dynamo played some vicious, physical soccer. I think the Revs are like 1-4 in championship games. (Again, too lazy to actually look it up).

  3. Ok... I did look it up. The Revs apparently are the Buffalo Bills of the MLS Cup 0-4!!!

    This was their third straight trip to the finals and their fourth time in the Cup.

    Is it a prerequisite for Boston teams to first create an excruciating history before winning big?

  4. I don't pay attention to the other blogs, in general.

    And I'm not so sure on changing the look/feel of GYS. It seems the globe, herald and NY daily news have changed their layout recently (and the Post sometime a few months ago). And I find all of the new formats more annoying to use/harder to find articles I'm looking for. Then again maybe having a new template would actually allow me to log in and post or make it easier to figure out.