Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Hot stove, hot corner

Murray Chass takes a break from his normal M.O. of ranting incoherently and does a little - gulp - "reporting", asking GM's point-blank if they're interested in going after A-Rod and giving their answers. While he's pretty stupid to say that you need two teams to be interested to drive a player's price (does he know anything about Scott Boras?), the list of "no" teams is pretty interesting, especially because it includes the Mets. The Giants are a big "maybe", which isn't surprising, but you have to assume they'd be in great shape were it not for the Zito contract - $19.3M for the next 6 years! Even the most cynical of us didn't think they'd be regretting that contract after just one season. I figured it'd take at least three.

Meanwhile, of course everyone wants Mike Lowell re-signed. Count me in - I've had a serious man-crush on the guy ever since 2002 when I picked him up for our fantasy league. So here's a question: how much should the Sox spend? I read somewhere he was looking for 4 years, $56 million. That seems a bit...uh, high, considering he'll be 37 by the end. I guess I'd go for 4 years, $48M, or 3 years, $42M.


  1. From the article: Theo Epstein of the Red Sox said, “We’re attempting to sign Mike Lowell and we’re not going to figure out any other alternatives until we see how that process plays out.”

    I don't know for whom my man-crush is bigger, Mike Lowell or Theo.

  2. My guess is that they will offer Lowell 3 years at 15MM. Even that is way over what they offered Damon...and remember how good Damon was.

    One has to expect that Lowell's past year was his best. His production might not fall off so much next year, but it probably will a little (he is 33). Who knows what he'll have for the following 2 years.

    So, here's the question I hear floating around. Why don't the Sox pony up and get A-Rod considering the following:

    He would hit 70 home runs with Fenway as his home park. He can make up for the loss of Lowell. His contract is huge, yes, but Manny will most likely be gone after this season. If it gets to the point where he can't play the IF anymore, he is your huge-hitting, power-DH for a few years.

    Now, I don't think the guy is good for any team (yes, his numbers are huge, but his attitude and selfishness seem bigger), but one or two of those points are compelling.

    You wouldn't have to worry about a 3b for a few years, and you don't have to worry about Manny's numbers disappearing after next year.

  3. Holy crap I hope that doesn't happen.

    Lucchino: "I also have trouble envisioning places where A-Rod can go. What teams have the financial wherewithal, as well as the specific need? If you survey the field, there aren't that many places. Now I know it takes only one other place, and there may be somebody out there who is willing to sign on to some astronomically long, burdensome contract."