Monday, November 19, 2007

Hot Stove

I can't believe that we haven't started an official HOT STOVE thread, yet.

What are the issues facing the Sox this off-season?

Third base: Do you resign Lowell, or look to the alternatives? I'd say 3 years on Lowell is enough. He was basically my favorite Sox player this year, but I have to say that his numbers this year are as good as they'll get. I am not sure he would repeat those numbers in any of the 3 years I'd give him.

News flash: ESPN reports that Lowell and the Sox are finalizing a 3-year/37.5MM. So, this question is moot.

Infield then looks the same as last:
Youk at 1B
Pedroia at 2B
Lugo at SS
Lowell at 3B

I expect an up year from Lugo and Lowell to dip slightly. Youk will deliver the same numbers (he's not going to deviate much offensively in the next few years). Pedroia will be the same.

Your starting OF looks like this:
Manny in LF
Ellsbury in CF
Drew in RF

Coco might be dealt, but you need a 4th outfielder. Manny missed time this year. It will be Ellsbury's first full year, and Drew (as some know) isn't "Mr. Durability". However, I do think that Drew has a much better year upcoming.

Ortiz at DH

Your lineup


Strangely enough, this off-season looks like building a bench. Wow. That's not much to worry about...

Starting rotation this far:


That's it so far...

Another setup guy would be great. I could see Buchholz getting the fifth starter role with Lester coming out of the pen. The Sox want to resign Timlin. Lopez will probably be back.

So, should the Sox trade for Santana? What if the Twins wanted Buchholz and Lester? That's a tough call. Beckett, Santana, and Daisuke for the next few years nearly guarantees a WS win or two. Santana is only 28. So, if you could sign him long-term, I would have to say go for it. Plus, the Sox still have two young guns in the minors in Masterson and Bowden...and the Twins want Coco. So you might even be able to give the Twins a proven major leaguer in Coco, then Buchholz OR Lester, and another prospect.


  1. Yahoo is reporting that the Lowell deal is done!

    Thank GOD! If he can be 85% as good as last year and still be the man on and off the field it will be worth it.

    And how about that rumor of Kerry Wood joining the bullpen?

  2. Should the Sox go for Santana? Absolutely. At pretty much any price. I'd give Coco, Lester and Bucholz in a heart beat. They have Coco's replacement already, and as you note, they would have an amazing rotation.

    I think the problem there is that the Twins really need a power bat. And the LA teams are better served to meet those needs with young studs (Loney, Kemp, Aybar, Kendrick, Wood (although with O-Cab moved they will likely play him)). And the sox really don't have any young power to give up.

    I'm not too worried about the bench - Moss could fill in as the 4th OF and they may even bring Kielty back. You have Cora in the IF and they would probably look to upgrade Hinske. Whatever they do, it is all tinkering compared to winter's past. hence not much talk of the hot stove.