Monday, November 12, 2007

Tomorrow's Boston Herald headlines, today

Mark it down:


And no one's ever thought of that before. (If Denver has a crappy tabloid: No RoY for Troy)

Congratulations Dustin. And you too, guy in that other league.


  1. Yes, good stuff all around. And i was actually rooting for Tulow to win it. right up until the point in game 1 of the WS when McCarver told us that he wore number 2 in honor of Jeter and even owned Driven cologne.

    Congratulations. Dustin and Ryan.

    Maybe if Troy had not cheered for the devil in his youth, his life would be different today.

  2. Posada signs for $52.5/4.

    Looks like Damon, redux. virtually the same money for a guy that very may break down. I guess Cash couldn't afford to call Posada's bluff. And even if he does suck in years 3, 4 (highly likely), Posada gives them the best chance to win next year. If Posada sucks next year or if their catcher is Yorvit torrealba, Cashman will probably be fired anyway, so why not give him the fourth year.

    As a Sox fan, I guess the flipside here is that Lowell has be thinking 4/$52.5 is a nice starting point. He's three years younger, their numbers are similar, they play a position that is in demand this winter (by teams with $$).

    With the Posada signing, I am less optimistic Lowell stays with the Sox.

  3. And i put as a comment since, even with Earl's help, I can't seem to get logged in. Page times out every time.