Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Via yfsf, some genius in Minnesota has a fantastic idea for a trade. Sox would get Johan Santana, Joe Nathan, and Carlos Silva. All they'd have to give up is John Lester, Jacoby Ellsbury, and Clay Buchholz. Oh yes, and Dustin Pedroia. And Jonathan Papelbon. Sounds fantastic! Who cares if Carlos Silva is a free agent!?! We'll get Santana, and an older, worse closer! For one year each! All we lose is an All-Star closer, ROY 2nd baseman, 2008 ROY-candidate center fielder, and 2/5 of the starting rotation! I don't see a downside, really.

Anyway the commenters are piling on, and it's awesome:

- Maybe they would give us Ortiz and Manny too if we throw in Nick Punto?

- One, Silva not ours to trade. Two, you're dumb.

- This trade was proposed but shot down by Bill Smith when theo insisted on throw-ins manny ramirez, david ortiz, mike lowell and jason varitek (to help offset the salary of santana).

- Nice try, though. Next week, the Yankees will trade Pettitte, Mientkiewicz and Reggie Jackson for Francisco Liriano.

- You are very, very dumb. You must be a real treat to play fantasy baseball with.

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