Sunday, November 04, 2007


Just returned from Finland, to this nice piece of news. Wakefield for the 2008 season - hard to complain. I really love that contract.

In other news, Julio Lugo's wife is named Sulky. Sulky Lugo.


  1. Interesting move with Tavarez. Especially since they didn't use him in the post-season. However, he does give them a lot of flexibility. He's a spot starter, a long-relief guy, and in a pinch can come in late.

    Theo also stated that he is trying to re-sign Schilling. A few things must be happening here. One, he's asking Schill to take a pay cut. Two, it is just a PR move on the Sox part. Three, the Sox don't believe that one of the young arms are ready for a full season.

    You have a slated rotation of:

    If you re-sign Schilling, who doesn't start?

    Yes, Lester, Buchholz, and Wake give you questions as to stability, but I doubt Schilling is going to hang around in the pen waiting for one of those guys to get hurt.

  2. Of course, the last time we thought we had too many starters (2006) it ended being a bit of a disaster, so I'm happy with 6. And I agree - Lester, Wake and Buchholz make a nice 4-6.

  3. Yeah, I 'm not too worried about having too many starters. this year Tavarez started about 20 games, and we had guys like Gabbard making starts.

    And of the five primary guys listed, all but Dice-K missed some time during the year. And if they are all healthy to start the year, you begin Bucholz or Lester in AAA and ahve them on strict IP and pitch counts.

  4. Herald is reporting that the Sox and Schill are close. why not? I like it. The more options the merrier.

  5. Yeah, but Schill is looking to get his 13MM...The big upside of signing him is his ability to help the younger pitchers.

    I agree that you can't have enough starting pitching. No doubt. But Bowden would be the Gabbard of this year. Tavarez could still start. You still have David Pauley and Abe Alvarez (and Edgar Martinez?) available, and you could get another guy for Crisp.

    There are plenty of options.

    I am also guessing that Lowell is going to want either 4 years at 10MM or less years 3 at 13-15MM. The guy is great, and he became my favorite Sox player this year.

    However...I really would like (totally personal preference here) for the Sox to cut back big time on payroll and compete. I would hate for this organization to become the Yankees.