Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Youk wins the gold glove

Let's put this in perspective:
1. He DID NOT make an error all season (1,080 chances, 990 put outs)
2. He is only the SECOND 1B in Red Sox history to win (George Scott won 3)

I felt like he deserved his own post, especially because he pulled a Wakefield-esque move and sat for games 3 and 4 without complaint. MAN I LOVE THIS TEAM.


  1. Yeah, except the Gold Gloves sort of suck. Thank God Jeter didn't win it again this year, but the fact that he's won it so many times tells you all you need to know. Rob Neyer has a pretty good breakdown of the choices. He doesn't seem too unhappy with the Youkilis choice, but he's right that the most GG-worthy member of the Sox is Coco Crisp.

  2. Yeah, I watched a lot of Sox games this year and I thought Youk played a really solid first base. Was it GG caliber? I'm not really sure. I certainly remember a lot mroe great plays by Coco and Mike Lowell, neither of whom won. If Youk had made even one error, he may not have won. the voters would not have had that stat (zero errors) in front of them.

    Actually I think Youk should get an asterisk next to his GG because he only played in 135 games at first base.