Sunday, November 25, 2007

Fun with quotes

First of all - yeah I figured how to post.

A fun quote from dodger owner Frank McCourt - "It wasn't so much that we didn't win it all - which is our goal and what we want to do every year," McCourt said, "but what left a sour taste in our mouths was that we didn't fulfill the potential we had. At one time, I think we had the best record in baseball."

April 21, 22 and 22 - at 13-5 and 13-6. I guess you have to start somewhere.


  1. ...and on April 2-3, the Royals were 1-0, putting them in a tie for the best record in baseball. Not bad.

  2. Actually, by the 3rd, Minnesota had actually won two games, so KC was a half game back.

  3. Dammit, I was worried there'd be something like that, but I was too lazy to look it up.

  4. Speaking of the Dodgers...

    Here's a question:

    With Torre at the helm will the Dodgers
    A) improve
    B) play the same
    C) be worse

  5. I think the Dodgers will play better. But it won’t be attributable to Torre. I think a good manager might make about a two, three game difference over the course of a season. And Torre actually seems like the type of guy that will hurt his team due to his over reliance on veterans, etc. So I guess I am saying that the dodgers will be better in spite of Torre being on board. I think that Loney and Kemp will each play more and Gonzalez and Nomar will play less. For their sake, Schmidt can come back and contribute, along with Penny Billingsly and Lowe. And they have their own young pitcher (Kershaw) who may be better than Bucholz, Huges, or Joba. And they may go blow up the whole team and trade for Cabrera or Johan. The problem with them being better is will they be better enough to be better than COL and ARI, both of whom should be better next year as well.

  6. Well now that the Yanks and Twins are publicly discussing a trade (or at least loud mouth Hank is), I imagine Boston will firmly entrenched in two camps:

    a) holy crap, the Sox NEED to get him at all costs. Sox need more pitching, give MN everything.

    b) fuck 'em. We won without santana, his last year was his poorest season, we all thought it was the end of the world when NY got A-Rod, etc., etc.

    So my local friends - what's the pulse there? 50/50?

  7. Happy to say I have no idea what the pulse is. No sports radio = happy Earl.

    I agree with option (b).

    I also agree that the Dodgers will be better, and not because of Torre. They really were a better team than their record suggests (whereas the D-Backs were the exact opposite).

  8. I only listen to espn radio so that is hardly local. The trade talks were mentioned, but they it was appropriately overshadowed by the Sean Taylor tragedy.

  9. Oh yea... I am with Earl on option B. My gut tells me something happened to Johan's arm last year and he is 150-180 innings away from surgery.

  10. You know...the pulse around here is all Patriots. You would never know that there was a parade a few short weeks ago.

    If the Yankees get Santana, their rotation will be like this:

    I'll take my chances with:

    Santana is a great pitcher, no doubt about it...It is really nice to see the Yankees breeding the young talent and paring back their payroll (which was their line at the end of the season). A-Rod 27MM+...and Santana just shot down 4 years at 80MM (20/year)...Ridiculous.

    Also, I am happy to not go with all the big names. I want to see the Sox get younger and cheaper. It's more exciting that way.