Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hot Stove, non-East Coast Bias edition

Weird that it looks like neither the Sox or the Yanks are going to change hugely this year - with Schilling, Lowell, A-Rod, Posada, and Rivera re-signing (or nearly re-signing) with their previous clubs, the cores of each team from 2007 are in place for 2008, with the young guys not going anywhere (yet). Can't remember the last time that happened; and it probably won't happen again any time soon. But, lots of important stuff going on elsewhere; for example...
  • Kenny Rogers fired Scott Boras, and wants to return to the Tigers. Publicity stunt, or was he really sick of Boras urging him to look elsewhere?
  • The agent representing Francisco Cordero, Luis Vizcaino, and Billy Wagner is named Bean Stringfellow. Seriously.
  • I love headlines like this. Particularly when it's about giving up Jon Garland to get Orlando Cabrera.


  1. That's a great headline, but how about this one?

  2. We've hit on the Bean Stringfellow guy before - probably when Wagner signed with the Mets.

    Yeah, nice headlines. so does that mean the Angels want to lose. Never mind that it was a horrible trade for the White Sox. O-cab is only marginally better than Uribe. He's definitely better, but is not likely to repeat as a .300 hitter, although moving to the Cell should help. And O-Cab's defense, GG not withstanding, is not that spectacular.

    I know the Sox have "too many" starting pitchers, but I have to think that Coco for Garland would have been a better offer for CHI (who need a CF). Coco is a tad below O-cab offensively but MUCH better on defense.

    Theo must have other designs on the Coco market.

    The calm offseason is nice. We get to enjoy being champs, instead of immediately thrust into Tek, Pedro, and Lowe (and others) contract talks.

  3. Good call - you mentioned Bean Stringpenis here.

    And yeah, Coco-Garland seems like a better trade from the ChiSox perspective. You have to assume Kenny Williams pursued it. Because all that matters to him is winning.

  4. And CF is a much bigger hole for them. I doubt they go with Owens for a hole year - although Ozzie would love a guy with no power or OBP skills, but who hustles and probably really likes to win. They must be thinking that they will sign Hunter or Rowand.