Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Jake and the Fatman

Okay, so the title doesn't make much sense; I'm just mad at myself for not thinking of it for yesterday's recap. Though today the Indians starting pitcher was named Jake. And Arroyo's pitching might be described as "Phat". Nah, it's no use...should've been used yesterday, whenDavid Wells pitched at Jacobs Field. Oh well.

Arroyo seems to have reverted to pre-suspension form, giving up only 4 hits and 1 walk (1 ER) over 7 innings. Papi got 2 HR (nos. 17 and 18), Manny one (no. 16), which was all they'd need. Bullpen performed as expected: Halama gave up a run in the 8th, Mantei only a walk in the 9th. Final score 8-2, Sox 10 games above .500. In the last two games, Sox have done serious damage against Cleveland's SP Sabathia and Milwood (14 ER in 10.2 IP), and even against their vaunted bullpen (4 ER in 7.1 IP, mostly Riske business). A lot to be happy about -- the starting pitching is rolling, the offense has clicked. Theo will fix the bullpen in the next couple weeks, and all will be good.

Sox gained no ground in the AL East: Orioles won, though at a cost -- Melvin Mora is hurt. Yankees beat Tampa Bay...thanks to a 13-run 8th inning. Of course, Yanks have beaten up the D-Rays before, winning 19-8 on April 18...and then losing 5 out of the next 6 to them (given the score that day, I predicted they'd lose 4 straight...but, as usual, was wrong). The big news is all the talk about Randy Johnson finding his groove, helped by new batterymate John Flaherty, is bunk. Two consecutive strong starts does not a rebound make. The Big Eunuch lasted only 3 innings -- against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays -- giving up 7 runs on 8 hits and a walk. He also gave up three home runs, to powerhouses Kevin Cash, Jonny Gomes. and Damon Hollins, who before tonight had combined for a 16 career home runs. Maybe people just got confused, between the emergence of the old Randy Johnson...and the old Randy Johnson.

Series Finale Wednesday, Wade Miller vs. Cliff Lee (8-3, 3.33 ERA).


  1. Yes, the Yankees had a big offensive night...Let me point out that in their two big blowouts versus the D-Rays that they've given up 11 runs and 8 runs. Usually when you let up that many runs, you lose...

    I know that time is running out, but I am sticking to my post from a little while back. Sox in first by the end of the month...

    Of course, that might be more accurate if I said the All-Star break, but we get Cleveland at Fenway (Cleveland not a very good offensive team on the road...)...The downside? Philly in Philly. Not afraid of them, just more games in NL parks for us...

  2. I hate to do this earl, but yesterday's starting pitcher was named Kevin.

    I watched a little bit of the end of that TB game. I frankly stunned to look at ESPN today and find out that Pinella hasn't quit yet, or assaulted, say, Dewon Brazleton, or robbed a convenience store or something. I hope he's not holding all that anger in. That's just not healthy.

  3. Wow, you know you've had too much to drink when you get Kevin Milwood and Jake Westbrook mixed up. I was just so friggin' proud of the the title. Too little, too late.

    X always talks about managers making decisions to send a message to the front office. I think Piniella leaving Harper in throughout the 8th was a definite case of that.