Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Signs of life?

Okay, so Cincinnati in last in their division, worse even than the Houston Asstros, sporting a .413 win percentage (am I the only person who's bothered by the fact that the word "percentage" is used all the time in baseball to describe things which aren't even remotely percentages? Probably.) But that was another nice, solid win. A great outing by our starter, bouncing back from his worst of the year, and solid hitting. Johnny Damon continues to amaze -- I mean, even back in his KC days I thought of him as a great hitter, but I never expected him to become one of the elites in the league. Particularly with Brian Roberts showing signs of cooling down. (Man, now we're never re-signing Damon.)

A win tonight would be very, very nice. Wells vs. Hudson (Luke, thankfully). Unless the early-season Wells suddenly shows up, Sox should be in good shape. The .500 baseball has been going on since May 6 -- that's 34 games. Sox haven't won three in a row since May 9-11. Yikes.


  1. Wonderful way to start a homestand and hopefully Road Warrior Wells keeps up his resurgence. Go Sox!

  2. Hey, I have the same annoyance about the use of "percentages"! And I thought I was the only one. I guess it's too late to say "ratio"...

  3. I agree (though, the nerd in me is compelled to point out that a percentage is essentially just a fraction, a decimal, expressed differently... .413 is obviously equal to 41.3%, so it's still kind of a percentage. But I'll shut up now).

    As for Damon... yeah, if he keeps this up, we could have yet another AL Batting champ. Nomar, Nomar, Manny, Mueller... Damon. Fenway's a wonderful park.

  4. Agreed, this is a wonderful way to start a homestand, but I won't be happy unless we us these next few games to get on a roll.

    Did any one else here Theo's comments this past weekend? They were something along the lines of, this is the time of year to get on a roll and if we don't we have to correct either by looking for internal changes or external changes. I wonder what the scene is like in the clubhouse these days? Can we bring back Orlando just to do those handshakes again?

  5. Dino said:

    "Agreed, this is a wonderful way to start a homestand, but I won't be happy unless we us(e) these next few games to get on a roll."

    All that AND GYS baby.

    I'm glad the Sox are winning. Maybe I should stay in London a while longer.

    The comments by theo can be found here. Fairly benign on the whole, except that they came from the often robotic Theo.

    I guess the percentages are like the use of the "foul pole." Too long in use to be changed now.