Saturday, June 04, 2005

Juan Rincon

Sure does not look like a steroid user. He's not much bigger than Arroyo. Okay so that is an exaggeration. But he just got a huge strike out of Sierra with bases loaded and 2 out.


  1. Not sure if Jeter is hurt (or banged up), but seems interesting to give an off day to your leader while the team is mired in a 6 game losing streak.

  2. Damn, Joe Nathan. Another struggling closer. Maybe I should drop him from my fantasy team so he can start thriving again.

  3. Yeah, but neither does Alex Sanchez. I'm not really convinced that these guys wre on roids per se; the suspensions were for illegal substances, of which there are a lot more than just steroids.

  4. Jayson Stark had a great article on ESPN about the the effects of the new testing policy on the players.

    In a nutshell, he said that players aren't even taking vitamins for fear of turning up a false positive. He doesn't deny that steroid testing hasn't lead to a decrease in homers, but he states that is only one of the reasons. However, the last time I checked a multi wasn't going to turn me in to a muscle-bound monster...Ok, that was a cheap shot. Stark says that trainers are saying that the lack of supplements (vitamins) are leading to decreased energy...

    Remember, though, when Babe Ruth used to take all of those vitamins???