Saturday, June 04, 2005


Sorry I'm late...just popped a V so am ready to go.

10:35: not a good start. Figgins with a leadoff HR, GA almost with one himself. Is it Arroyo, or Shoppach? Not sure I like Vazquez and Shoppach in the same game...
10:37: ok, inning over. Did you see that hot of Vlad? He looks like I feel. And he looks drunk.
i think buck and mccarver went on about "human nature" in the 1st inning. I may have imagined it. Oh my god now they're talking about Gallagher. And someone did a good impression of Dr. Phil. And now buck is yelling at Scooter. Are they this surreal for you guys not on Vicatin?
10:45: Ortiz shift gets em. Ouch.
Am in significantly more pain than yesterday, so can only type with my left hand...very slow. But this from my friend Ed:
I was originally reluctant to email you after surgery, but then I rationalized that you are quite adept at using the internet with one hand.
Ha ha.
10:49: Another classy welcome for o-cab.
10:55: Is budweiser select any good?
10:55: ever notice mccarver speaks about Manny's clothing more than his hitting?
11:02: Milllahhhh!
11:03: What just happened?!? McCarver's telling me it was an "old Harry Walker play". Ah yes, that. in which the 3rd baseman should've run home and the catcher over to 1st to back up the play. And Adam Kennedy apparently made a great play? Man, these Vikes rock.
11:17: Nice half inning. Though leaving the bases loaded sucks. I'm still so confused about the Harry Walker Play.
11:30: X--you can't watch?
Manny!!!! Nixon!!!!!! Wow, Colon's looking worse than Arroyo.
11:49: Damon is insane. Amazing catch, followed by an infield hit.
12:09: This is a slooooowwww game. Pitchers taking their time.
12:13: Fox Interview with Bud Black is interrupted by a bomb onto Landsdowne Street by Millar. Ten minutes after McCarver asks Tito why Olerud wasn't playing. Very well timed. 5-1 Sox.
12:27: Passed ball, 5-2. McCarver's waaayyy too excited about McPherson's baserunning.
12:32: Harry Walker was born on October 22, 1916, in Pascagoula, MS. He broke into the bigs on Sept 25, 1940 with the St. Louis Cardinals. Also known as "Harry the Hat", he batted leftie but threw rightie, and played 1st base, 3rd base, and outfield. He was traded to the Phillies in 1947, and also played for the Reds and the Cubs before returning to the Cards to finish up his career. His best season was 1947, in which he batted .371, with a .443 obp and .500 slg (though he only hit 1 HR that year). He also had a decent managerial career, going 630-604 (.511) with the Cards, Pirates, and Astros. He retired from baseball in 1972, and passed awayon Aug 8, 1999, in Birmingham, AL. That explains the Adam Kennedy play back in the second.
12:49: Game's getting confusing again. McCarver and Buck won't shut up about a Kennedy steal that they thought shouldn't have happened, and on the same play Scoscia got ejected though they didn't realize it, and now a "hit" by Erstad makes it a 2-run game. My head still hurts from all my Harry Walker research.
12:54: Embree continues to look terrible. Two on, 1 out, go-ahead run at the plate. Yikes.
1:00: Go-ahead run back at the plate, after rounding all the bases. Awesome. Angels up 6-5.
1:17: Brendan Donnelly had an extra baseball in his back pocket. And I thought the Vike was wearing off...Sox go down 1-2-3 in the 7th.
1:26: Angels score another. Myers comes in (1 inning too late); during the commercial break they show a truly terrifying ad for the All-Star game involving pinball. "And suddenly there was a terrible roar all around us and the sky was full of what looked like giant bats..."
1:35: Myers gets out of the inning with no further damage. McCarver mentions that Nixon's failure to score--
1:36: MILLAR!!!!
1:38: Ahem. 7-6 now. Yeah, as I was saying, McCarver was talking about how it'd be nice if Nixon had scored. I guess he had a point.
1:45: Top of the 9th, Mantei pitching. Inexplicably Vazquez got an at-bat (Renteria on the bench) in the 8th, though Varitek pinch hit for Shoppach (drew a walk). McPherson hits it hard, almost makes it 8-6, but Nixon catches it on the warning track.
2:03: Halama comes in after Mantei gives up a run and loads the bases, still one out. Gets one...
2:03: McCarver on the shadows creeping in: "Hello darkness, hello friend." Huh?
2:05: Another single by Erstad scores two, a "bloop triple" by Finley scores two more, and it's 12-6. Call me crazy, but the bullpen doesn't look too good. No wait, 13-6.

3:30 (epilogue): game lasted over 4 hours, meaning in the 9th it was time for another ride on the V-train...but I fell asleep first. What to say about that game? Painful. Some upsides (Damon, Millar, Arroyo, Harry Walker) but not exactly a good way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Back to bed.


  1. Unfortunately I get to watch Giants Mets today or maybe that is fortunately since I don't have to listen to McCarver.

    I had made that same reference about typing with one hand - I think it was an email, however.

    Johnny D keeps on hitting. Talk about putting up monster numbers in a contract year. I hope they start playing Hanley in CF soon. Or maybe the plan is to save $$ with Youk at 3B and Hanley or Pedroria (sp) at 2B and use Damon's $8.25MM, Meuller's 2.5, Bellhorns 2.75 and Millars 3.5 to get a CF and upgrade at 1B. Plus we'll need to reshape the pen.

    Anyway I digress way off topic. This is a vicodin thread. Sorry

  2. No we are blacked out up here.

    sucks. I'm following on-line while doing some work.

    I'm too lazy to put up the XM antenna at my house (that would take about 4 minutes) and I'm also too lazy to log into mlb gameday audio. this would take about 30 seconds.

  3. I was confused for a bit - I was expcecting comments, but you actually edited the blog.

  4. Yeah Colon is amaaaaazingly slow.

    I'm a little surprised. You would think he's work faster. The longer he pitches the longer he has to go between meals.

    I'm kind of glad I can't watch. After last night I realized that as much as I like Renteria, O-Cab brings a certain energy and enthusiasm that really is special. And when combined with Oritz it was special.

  5. Sweet.

    I'm off the computer for now. Heading to the beach to catch some waves. I'll be listening in the car.

  6. Yeah, Buck and McCarver have been in rare form today. And by 'rare' I mean 'incredibly fucking obnoxious'. The Gallagher discussion was tops in my mind, because it was clear that McCarver was being entirely serious when he expressed his love for gallagher. "Oh, and how he smashed those melons!" Just wonderful.

  7. New rule: Alan Embree does not see ballgame unles the Sox are up by at least 6. Should be instituted immediately.

  8. Sadly, I just about missed it all. On the radio I caught the Anderson HR. Then just as the surf was pounding my head, the Angels pounded the Sox bullpen.

    Thankfully I did not have to listen to McCarver. At least we know longer have to put him in the same category as Billy Crystal, Bob Costas and John Sterling - I guess that is what happens when you fire a national announcer. And Buck has entered the Pantheon of someone's voice I will always love (Vin Scully, Joe Garigiola, Dick Stockton) if only for the sheer fact that I have now listened to him four hundred times say" Back to Foulke...... Red Sox fans have longed to hear it. The Boston Red Sox are World Champions."

    I choose to ignore the fact that just 3 months later he substituted Eagles for Red Sox and going to the super bowl for World series.

    Agree with Andrew on reducing Embree's role immediately. Is it just me or does Embree translate to Cla Meredith?

  9. At his point I'd take Cla. At least his ceiling is ahead of him instead of three years behind.

  10. X--Agreed about Buck. For me the line that will always stick is the end of ALCS Game 4: "...And we'll see you...later tonight!" Not bad.

    (The following night's "...and he can keep running all the way to New York for Game 6!" was a bit forced, but still felt So. Damn. Good.)

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