Friday, June 17, 2005

Not Payton's Place

Say goodbye to Jay Payton already. He wants to be traded? Trade him.

I can see his side of the story. He wants to play everyday. But, what did he think? He was coming to a team with Nixon, Damon, and Ramirez. I think he's gotten a lot of playing time.

But, let's get another speed guy who can play the field. Say, Dave Roberts...

Seriously, though, this probably is a relief to Theo. It allows him to get rid of a guy that replaced a loved (although only here for a short time) Roberts without people thinking we ended up with a lame backup utility infielder in Vazquez and Payton. I say we trade him to Japan for Gabe Kapler...if we can do that...which I don't think we can...but would be good if we could...Considering we will more than likely be dealing him to a non-contender, Payton might be facing his future team tonight.

So who are the likely replacements?

Did you guys see the the Mets brought Daubach up to replace Mientkaahaeoihrta...? I heard that Darren Lewis and Damon Buford will be in their outfield soon.

Remember when we asked what was wrong with Texas for getting Rocker and Everett? Maybe they knew more than we did. They share similar world views after all.


  1. Well, it's not like Payton had a choice, given that he came here in a trade. But yeah, if Theo can find someone to trade with (I'd like to see an addition to the bullpen), I'd be all for it.

    Good point about Rocker and Everett. It made sense, in retrospect.

  2. I don't want us to give up big prospects for the bullpen, though. I think that Embree will pitch better. I am not under the impression that he just lost it. And Foulke seems to be back on track. A few solid outings in a row now. Plus, Arroyo will likely be headed there (because they probably won't send Wake there) which serves as a great upgrade over Halama.

  3. 1) Embree: I think you're wrong (but hope you're right), since his numbers have been slipping for a while now. What's weird is that recently they just plunged off a cliff. He may rebound from the plunge, but not from the overall decline.
    2) Foulke: I think you're right.
    3) Wake/Arroyo: I'd rather see Wake go to the pen, but I think you're right that they'll send Arroyo there instead.