Friday, June 03, 2005


So that game was awesome. And I deserve at least some of the credit. Not only did I not watch it, I timed things perfectly so that the general anesthesia kicked in just as Ortiz stepped to the plate in the 9th. Tonight I'll be sure to take like 17 Vicodin just before gametime. (I think tonight's starter would approve.)

So the Sox went 4-3 against Yanks and Orioles. Now don't attack me for being a naysayer, but how good should we really be feeling about this? (1) It was at home, (2) afterwards the Yanks went to KC to get swept by the worst team in baseball, and (3) the Orioles are pretty ravaged by injuries. I say the Sox are still underperforming.

Speaking of underperforming, how did Foulke look? I mean, it's always sad when your ace closer gives up a run in 1.1 innings and his ERA doesn't change, but it sounds like a dp ball should've gotten him out of the inning. Is he looking any more solid?


  1. 1. I'm looking forward to the Vicodin induced blog entries.

    2. 4-3 against the Yankees and O's is okay. Sure you would like to be 5-2, but we were on strike away from being 3-4. If you go a tad over .500 against the teams with winning records and win 5 out of 8 against the bottom dwellers - you have yourself a 95 win season - this has been the Yankee formula in the last ten years.

    3. Foulke - didn't see it. No comment.

  2. Another question, for you NESN or TiVo watchers (I watch the Fenway games live with the sound off, since I'm supposed to be working): have people started booing Foulke? I sure as hell hope not.

  3. Well...Foulke walked two guys (one intentional), and the double play would have been difficult as the ball wasn't hit that hard. As a matter of fact, no one hit it out of the infield in that inning if memory serves. Crazy enough, the only ball out of the infield in the entire ninth inning (combo of 4 runs scored) was the Ortiz homer.

    As for the underperforming...The Sox should have won 3 against the Yankees...Embree blew one game. They demolished the Yankees 17-1 in the next start. Those were away games.

    They split with Baltimore (which is good for the Sox since this seems to be on par with what they usually do).

    Yes, they are not totally playing to their potential, yet. But they still don't have their ace in Schilling and Miller has made just a few starts.

    My prediction? Pain...

    No, really...My prediction? Before June is over the Sox will be in first place...I am just looking at their schedule and I am putting it on record...

  4. I've said it before and I'll say it again - this year is setting up just like last year.

    The june prediction looks good. after next weekend we play some real patsies. But crap our July starts out pretty tough.

    Toronto - lest we be reminded of our last little trist with them. hopefully the home cooking will kick in.
    3 in Red hot Texas
    4 at Baltimore
    4 at Fenway NYY

    It gets a bit easier with some TB and KC but late july/early August has Min twice, CWS twice (hopefully they will have cooled) and TEX again.

    But then.....

    On or about Aug 15......

    The worm turns a bit.

    I see Detroit
    I see KC
    I see TB

    I see lots of Red.

    I see more TB.

  5. Foulke looked like... 2005 Foulke, unfortunately. his control was off, his velocity not where I want to see it. The result wasn't horrific, but it obviously wasn't great either - yeah, if we'd been able to turn that DP round, he would have escaped, but it still wouldn't have been pretty.