Monday, June 06, 2005

Today's rant

So it's a few days old, but thanks to my gimpy shoulder I'm behind on my websurfing, and just found this atrocious puff piece by Tim Kurkjian today. I can't call it the single worst piece of writing I have read in my entire life, because to call it "writing" would be far too kind. I don't even know where to begin with this:
Jeter has a nice face, a rugged face, a handsome face, equal parts black and white, the son of a black father and white mother who had simple rules for him in high school, including being home by 10 p.m. every night and eating his lunch every day. He was taught well, and he has never forgotten his lessons. That's why he is such a good player and team captain. That's why he is the face of baseball.
Seriously now, how does this happen? To borrow from Ray Romano, I could've eaten a box of Alpha-Bits and crapped a better article. I know it must be tough to have to make deadlines with a weekly column, but come on. Is there really nothing left to write about? Seriously, I think this "article" has set the new standard for the ultimate in crapass baseball writing. (Come on Murray, you're not going to let this little ESPN dweeb beat you at your own game, are you?!?)


  1. Jeter's "face of baseball" sure looked smug when he was waving "safe" after A-Rod (Smacky Mc Blue Lips) knocked the ball out of Arroyo's glove.

    Jeter is not the face of baseball. He might be the face of the Yankees.

    Bonds was probably the face of baseball, but BALCO took care of that.

    Put another way...A LOT OF PEOPLE DO NOT LIKE JETER. How could he be the face of baseball?

  2. Kurkjian looks like he has a crush on Jeter based on that photo.

    I think the article was awful, even if the point was one possibly worth examining.

    Maybe, maybe Jeter was the most identifiable player in the game 5 years ago. When the Yanks actually won games that mattered. Hell, Jeter isn't even the face of baseball in NY right now - that would be Pedro. The "leader" who has invigorated the Mets and catapulted them to the best record of teams in NY.

    And who says there has to be a "face." Its not like the 90s, when you said NBA and think Michael Jordan. Or golf and tiger woods. Or beach volleyball and singin Smith.