Thursday, June 23, 2005

Its that time again

No, no not book review (that is coming next week). It is another shot for some Natural Rivals.

That's right ARI vs Detroit Redux. Forget game 7 of the NBA finals, the city of Detwaaaaah must be abuzz about the rematch, hoping to extract some revenge on the suddenly .500 D'backs.

Earl, we will all await your recaps of the world-famous I94-to-I80-to-I76-to-I25-to-I40-to-I17 Series.

On an unrelated note, anyone who enjoys boxing and an extra $45 to burn, be sure to catch this fight Saturday. It is sure to be a classic.


  1. Wow, somehow I missed that. I mean, really now -- why? No one else plays their Natural Rivals this weekend! (Which is weird because I thought we always faced the Braves twice in the past.)

    I have some grave, grave news. As in Danny Graves grave. I will be out of town this weekend for a wedding, and while I will be sure not to miss a moment of the epic TigerBacks series, I will not be able to do a game-by-game recap. I can provide a Series recap on Sunday or Monday.

  2. Crap. This is very disappointing.

    Its strange, they did keep some of the natural rivals (Yanks-Mets, SF-OAK, CIN-CLE, CHI-CHI, HOU-TEX, LA-LA all play again this weekend) but others (like us) do not. Funny how the Sox had to play ATL 6 times during ATL's run of 13 of 14 straight first place finishes, but now that they are average we only get them 3 times. Go figure.

  3. I think at some point they decided it would be 'extra spicy' if they gave sme teams two dfferent rivals. So, now the Sox and O's share the Braves and Phillies. Why the O's haven't ben switched exclusively to the Nationals, I do not know.

    None of it makes sense and I've decided to stop thinking about it at all.

  4. Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

    The Yankees still get to play six against the crappy Mets and we get to split our rivalry between the Braves and Phillies.