Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Suspension Question

Wow...a lot of posting by me this morning. Slow day at work...

Anyway, Quantrill got 3 games for retaliating and Torre got 1. Suspension that is...

I know that Francona got 1 game for the Arroyo retaliation, but Arroyo got 6.

What is the difference? Does the MLB take in to account that Quantrill is a reliever and so, in effect, is really missing 3 games whereas Arroyo is a starter and is only really missing one start?

Should it matter? Money-wise it does, right? But I know that both pitchers were also fined...So it looks like Arroyo's suspension was a bit more harsh.

Any idea why?


  1. Yeah, about a month ago we started discussing how much they take into account different roles when doling out punishment. Starter vs. reliever vs. closer. We never came to any conclusion, except for that Arroyo's suspension seemed quite harsh.

    Or maybe it's just a cruel joke by MLB. Honestly if I were a Yankees fan, the longer Quantrill got suspended, the happier I'd be.

  2. MLB always suspends starters 6 games so that they are guaranteed to miss a turn. Its the sort of imperfect solution that they've come up with in that regard.

  3. Yeah, all starters get either 5 or 6 (Brazelton got 5 for the same incident). Anything less than 5 for a starter would be a non suspension since he could just drop the appeal after a start one game.

  4. One more point on Arroyo - I'm not sure how much affect the suspension had on Arroyo. He got knocked around pretty good against Oak right before his suspension - I was there and although his numbers weren't aswful, even the outs were hit hard. I think he just has a couple of duds every now and then, which has been his history. At this point in his career I'm just not ready to pronounce him one of those guys who needs to be on a rhythm.

    When he was taken out of the rotation last may for Kim, he reemerged with one of his best starts of the year - 8 shutout innings at Toronto.

    And his first start last year after the ASG (with ten days off) WAS his best start of the year - 3 hits 12 K. (and followed that up with a dud against the Yankees).

    His bad outings last year in the second half (Anaheim, CWS, BAL) were on normal rest).

    He is either hot (usually) or cold - look at the playoffs last year. He pitched very well against Anaheim, but he also started the 19-8 game.