Friday, June 03, 2005

A Few Random Thoughts

Pavano (who lost last night's start for the Yankees) was the starter in the 17-1 Sox victory the other day. He was also the starter for the Marlins when the Sox demolished them. The Yankees have dropped 5 straight.

Francona was mad about the suspension differences handed out. Was he reading this blog? He said it was crazy that he received 3 games and couldn't be at the ballpark while Torre got one but just couldn't be in the clubhouse.

Ortiz is a monster. Hopefully he remembers how to play at first with inter-league approaching. I wonder why Francona never plays him there know, just to get ready.

By the way, on EEI people were calling up and complaing about yesterday's game. They said Renteria made a bad call by bunting in that situation. They said the lineup was ridiculous. This town is nuts.

The Sox went 9-10 against the O's last year. Looks like more of the same this year.

The Yankees beat up on the "little guys" last year. They are 15-9 against teams with a sub-500 record this year. 12-17 against teams 500 or better.

Shoppach doesn't appear to be major league ready as far as hitting goes. He looks very comfortable behind the plate, but uncomfortable next to it.

Hopefully the Cubs will cool off by the time we face them next weekend. 7 in a row for them now. By the way, the Sox and Cubs in Wrigley is about the coolest matchup I can think of...


  1. One more random thought...

    The Yankees will start Randy Johnson on 4-days rest for the rest of June...Talk about feeling the pressure. Can you say worn out for the playoff run?

  2. The conspiracy theorists will say that the MLB disciplinarian chief is Bob Watson, who before he held that job was, surprise, GM of the Yankees. Shocking. And I read in one of the tabloids that Watson wanted to suspend Quantrill for 4 games, but the Yankess convinced him to make it 3 - not sure if that was bad reporting. I sure hope it was.

    I don't think the Unit on four days is a big deal for him. That is what he has done his whole career. Every year he has been healthy he has made 35 starts and has never been one to get the Pedro extra day of rest. The difference is that the Yankees will likely sit down Wong who has been their most consistent starter. In AZ, it was a matter of skipping Rick Helling or Miguel Batista or someone else who basically sucks.

    And sure the Unit is older and starting to show his age, but look at some of those IP totals.

    Thank god I don't get EEI out here.

  3. Pavano also started the 23-5 massacre if the Marlins in June 2003. (Nothing like showing up to the ballpark 30 mintues late and seeing your team is up by 10.)