Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Buddy Bell

According to Royals president Dan Glass, they hired him because he had "that fire in his eye that you want to see". Okay, makes sense. As good a reason as any to pick him over, say, Art Howe.

But then at the press conference Bell announced, “I don't know the rotation yet. I don't know the roles in the bullpen yet. I don't know the lineup yet. I'm looking forward to getting with the coaches to give me some direction.”

Wow. This coming from the bench coach of the Cleveland Indians, the Royals' division rivals. I hope he was just saying that to sound humble, and to make the other coaches feel comfortable. If not, KC's 2005 woes have just begun...

1 comment:

  1. The KC bullpen does include the current Best Name in the Majors, in Ambiorix Burgos, and I find it difficult to beleve that even Buddy Bell could forget a name like that. Perhaps he was somewhat overstating the case.