Saturday, June 04, 2005

The good, the bad and the ugly

The good - the yankees are now tied with the Tigers in the 7th place in the hunt for the Wild Card.

The bad - I am thorougly disappointed to not get a vicodin induced entry from Earl and tonight's game would have been a great candidate.

The ugly - it was not that Jesse was too wasted to type. He was actually posting over at 12 eight. And it sounds like he was pretty messed up.


  1. Yeah, sorry about that. I'll try to liveblog today's game.

  2. Watching the Yankees this year, save for 3 weeks last month, has really been like watching an accident on the other side of the highway.

    Team meetings. George "speaking out." Lineup changes. Posada taking shots at the Unit.

    The latest shakeup involves changes in their lineup. Switching Jeter and Womack. As a Sox fan , I love this move - please give more ABs to Womack and his .300 OBP. What is Torre thinking giving 600 AB to that guy? Bellhorn, despite all his K's, at least has a .360 OBP.

    And moving Bernie up and Martinez down. Again, giving more AB to the suckier player. Beutiful. Okay, tino has struggled the past couple weeks, but at least he has the potential to hit this year.

    Is torre trying to get fired?

  3. Did you guys see Livan Hernandez last night threw 150 pitches. Insane. Reminds me of Tiant in 75 throwing 165 (or so) in the World series.

  4. Livan got massively overworked as a Marlin - in 1998 he threw 234 innings, and averaged 119 pitches a start, at age 23. It showed in his next few seasons, as he became very inconsistent and there was talk of dead-arm. However, as he's gotten into his late 20's and early 30's, he seems to be able to handle high pitch counts; consider him lucky for not having his career thoroughly ruined early on.

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