Monday, June 13, 2005

More like it

Yesterday's game (6/12 vs. Cubs) looked more like the Red Sox I was expecting this season. Solid hitting, solid pitching, questionable baserunning, etc. Wakefield looked fantastic, probably for three reasons: (1) Mirabelli's back, (2) nice weather for a knuckleballer, and (3) I dropped him from my fantasy team. The choice for Youk in the 3 spot seemed utterly ridiculous, until he got 3 hits, including a HR and a double, and now seems genius. The only two negatives I can think of are that (1) Manny continues to look terrible at the plate against lefties; something's just wrong with him; and (2) the 9th would have been a great time to bring out Embree, rather than Myers, one of the Sox's few game-is-on-the-line pitchers. Oh well.

Let's hope we can, for once, get some momentum going. Back at Fenway, against two sub-.500 teams.

(Oh, and GrieveRules -- I hope you got at least one of your three predictions right...)


  1. I quickly amended the 2 out of 3 to 1 out of 3.

    I did drink a lot of beer.

    Manny didn't even get 4 hits...booooo

    But he is coming around....yeahhhh

  2. I quickly amended the 2 out of 3 to 1 out of 3.

    Right, once the Sox were down by six. Once I tried changing my bet halfway through the Kentucky Derby, but apparently that's not allowed.

    Yeah, the last two days have been good to Manny. Hopefully he can keep this up, and start hitting left-handed pitching. Can you believe he's slugging .238 against lefties? That is amazingly bad, even for a non-Manny.

  3. That's right...I also said once that dinosaurs don't suck and then you corrected me...for which I am eternally thankful...

  4. Damn straight. Dinosaurs DO suck, and don't you forget it.

    A rare fossil discovery from the Gobi desert shows beaked dinosaurs might have sucked (their food), in the same way ducks do.

    The fossils show some of the dinosaur's soft tissues, a rare find, as soft tissues seldom fossilize. And the tissues show a series of small projections along the sides of the beak, forming what appears to be a filter.

    Such a structure would have allowed the dinosaur to suck (in water, and filter out small plants and animals to eat).