Saturday, June 11, 2005

Game 61 (6/11 vs. CHC) discussion

Anyone online? Early comments:

1) This game is going much better, so far.
2) Zambrano is a painfully slow pitcher.
3) The Fox announcers just mentioned Johnny Damon has the fewest GIDP of any active player in the MLB. Obviously this is some ridiculous oversimplification (my guess is Keith Foulke doesn't have too many) -- does anyone know the actual statistic they were referring to?
4) Then again, the announcer just expressed shock that Ortiz didn't run to 1st on a 3rd strike passed ball. But Renteria was on first. So maybe they just don't know what they're talking about. [Update: whoops, apparently I don't. It was 2 outs, so he wasn't out, yet.]


  1. Two hits by our pitcher. Seriously, wen's the last time a Sox pitcher got two hits in a game? (Maybe Wake's done it?)

  2. Corey Patterson: .268/.301/.434, 10HR, 21RBI, 9SB. So obviously the guy needs to learn to draw a walk, but why are Cubs fans booing him? He's making $2.8M, so it's not like he's eating up all their salary.

  3. If thy're talking aout this year, that GIDP statement is baldly untrue, as a whole bunch of qualifying hitters are tied with Damon at 2, and there's at least one (Phil Nevin, SD) who has only one. Career, I don't know.

  4. And am impressive looking hit my Zambrano as well.

    Though his baserunning is pretty terrible. Ouch.

  5. Manny's the tying run, 2 outs. This would be a nice time to come out the slump.

    Some asshole Sox "fan" just held up a "1908" sign. He deserves to be shot.

  6. Patterson gets booed because of his potential. Fair or not. When he came up they were talking about him as the next Joe Dimaggio.

    Obviously he has never produced at that level. He took a long time to develop, had a cocky attitude, and injury another year, etc. etc.