Tuesday, April 19, 2005

It's just so obvious...

...I can't believe we didn't think about it sooner. On Monday the Yankees beat the Devil Rays 19-8. That score sound familiar? Prepare for the Yankees to begin a 4-game losing streak. One down, three to go. (Or does it mean they'll lose 4 straight to the Devil Rays? That wouldn't be as dramatic, but it'd be much funnier.)

Anyway, yesterday Jeremy pointed out that "George's statements were a no-lose proposition. If he yells at the team and they still suck, then he gets credit for yelling at them. If he yells at the team and they turn it around he looks like a genius." Turns out there is a third possibility...he yells at them; they beat the D-Rays in a laugher; the media all make a big deal about how the motivational talk worked; the next day they lose, in a rather embarassing fashion; the media then all run stories about how "apparently, the pep talk didn't work". Awesome.

Also, Quote of the Day definitely goes to Hideo Nomo: "[Pitching on three-days' rest] wasn't really a concern to me. Last game I didn't pitch too much."

1 comment:

  1. That actually is really funny! I can't believe how it back-fired.

    I have to admit, this Yankee bashing is a ton of fun, but I am worried. It's not like they will do this for the entire season. I am starting to feel like we should save some kharma for later in the season.

    Ah... who am I kidding... YANKEES SUCK!