Tuesday, April 26, 2005

20 Games in...

...and the Sox are 11-9. Just two games above .500, and that's thanks to the Devil Dogs. Among the rest of the AL East, Sox are 7-7; one of those three teams (Baltimore) is flying high, but the other two are most definitely not. Sox got out to a 2.5-3 games lead over the Yankees a while back, and for all the talk of Yankees' struggles, haven't put any more distance in between. Not to mention Sox are 2 games back in the division. So I wouldn't say they're struggling, but they certainly aren't playing to potential. Already they're 2 games behind their Pythagorean W-L record, meaning they win blowouts and lose close ones -- sounds about right.

Not really anything to say about the Devil Rays-BoSox fight that hasn't been said already. All the people on the we-hate-the-Red-Sox bandwagon are pointing to the fight as evidence of how "low class" the Red Sox are -- get real. [Seriously, check out the guy's site -- it's one of the most pathetic websites I've ever seen.] Everything was done on the field, most of the retaliation pitches were reasonable (except Carter's pitch to Ortiz), the ejections were fine, and Trot Nixon is an angry, angry man. Also, that picture of Blaine Neal carting Trot off the field...wow. I had no idea Neal was that big.


  1. Its very early...

    11-9 projects to about 88 wins, but still too early. schedule looks okay once we clear the Red Hot O's - although we should be able to score off them and we shut them down last week. We have 3 straight weeks of the very average AL West coming up (and none of them are against ANA - the best team in that division) plus 3 games against Detroit.

    That's 19 games. How about a nice 12-7 over that stretch. Putting us (assuming a aplit in the next two with the O's) at ar respectable 24-17 at about the 1/4 mark. On track for 95 or so wins, about where we should expect us to be.

  2. And yes that guys site is pathetic.

    Nothing better to do, I guess.

  3. Damn...ARod with 3 homers so far today, one of which was a Slam.

  4. Yeah, he pulled a Garner and over did it with his closer. Two innings is too much. I know, he hasn't had a lot of work, but he hasn't looked great either. Keep him in his one inning role, get his confidence back and tehn you can tinker with 2 inning or one inning plus save situations. Plus he has some mechanical problems he is working through. Two innings is just too long.

  5. Yea, I have noticed Tito using Foulke more than 1 inning lately. Do you guys think that's because he's lost faith in hte set up guys?

    PS - That other blog is pretty amazing. It's like the anti-Matt! (Angry at the wrong team). Actually, Matt used to be just plan old angry, never exclusively at the Yankees - so I am just kidding. Notice I used "used to be", marriage and pending fatherhood have melody our boy considerably. (Nothing a few beers could fix... )