Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Nice to see the contract get done. I think the Sox are the big winner with this one. $4 Million seems to me as way under market. In the current environment, I'm sure Wake could have gotten two years at about $5-6, maybe more.

Obviously, Wake is comfortable in boston and wants to stay. He has made $30 million in his career, so no need to be greedy.

Ortiz took a below market contract last year - one they should look at again and add a few years to it.
Hopefully the Sox can get Millar to do the same (if they want him back).

Damon is probably gone after this year - his agent is Boras. Enough said. Who knows on Meuller and Bellhorn. Probably time for Youk to play everyday. Hanley Ramirez will have a spot on the Sox roster next year. all he needs to do is establish a position.

In Theo we trust.


  1. Do you think the Post gave George King the day off? Maybe his head exploded when Perez hit the second HR. Maybe he is too depressed. Maybe he just can't bring himself to write anything negative about his beloved Bombers.

  2. Speaking on Hanley Ramirez, the Sea Dogs are tearing it up, with an 11-1 record so far. And Ramirez isn't even their best hitter right now.