Monday, April 18, 2005

"First Fan"...but that's about it

Not to dwell too much on politics, but the first two notes by Al Kamen on George W. Bush's knowledge of sports vs. current events are pretty telling. In the first note, Tony Tavarez (the president of the Nats) calls Bush's baseball knowledge "astounding". Bush also seems to know a lot about high school football. In the second note, Bush admits not having heard about the new (White House-approved) rule requiring passports to return from Mexico or Canada until it was reported in the papers.

So there you have it. The President of the United States apparently spends more time watching baseball and less time working than even me. Except, you know, the fate of the world doesn't rest on me doing my job.

(It's 8am here in Los Angeles. The Sox are about to start a baseball game. Weird.)


  1. Anyone watching the game? Shaky 2nd inning for Curt -- no damage done, but it was close; and that was a lot of pitches.

  2. Nice to see Manny catching fire! As for Schilling, it's strange that his pitch count is so high especially because he again has a 2/1 K to ball ratio.

    hehe... I said "ball ratio". Anyway, I wonder if this is a sign that his stuff isn't as good as he'd like it to be and he's nibbling around pitchers.

    I sure hope his arm doesn't fall off!

  3. Yeah, Manny's ridunkulous. This is his first non-Buttmonkey year, which makes me sad.

    Schilling looks very questionable. He can't be happy.

  4. ...and then he commits two errors. Well, you take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have...Manny Ramirez.

    Hey -- he just caught one -- I love the huge ovation.

    Oh man, Curt has nothing. This game isn't over yet, huh.

  5. much longer do you leave him in there?

    I don't think I've seen 109 pitches in 4 IP before :-(

  6. Wow... this game is ugly! Red Sox have 6 LOB and Toronto has 10! This game could have been way different.

    I guess I am happy we're winning a good old fashion slug fest, but it scares me.

  7. Manny with an inside the part HR - what the hell happened there?

    God I can't wait to get home from bloody London!!!

  8. Well at least all of manny's RBI won't hurt any of us in GYS. He could have 3 GS tomorrow and he still wouldn't catch Jeremy in RBI for second to last place.

  9. Stupid me -- I was "working", and missed it. My guess is there were some miscues by the Toronto outfielders which weren't called errors. I'm sure the highlights will be online soon.

  10. I missed it too! Crappy mid-day games. So what's the prognosis on Schilling? Should we be worried? That was a lot of pitches for a mediocre effort if you ask me - but then again, no one really asked me...

  11. Well I guess the only thing that concerns me is that Francona left him out there a bit too long. I probably shouldn’t criticize the only manager to win a WS for the Sox in the zillion years, but his second start of the season and he threw 117 pitches. I know he wanted to leave him in long enough to qualify for a win, but still.

    On the bright side, he did strike out 10.

    The game not says Toronto’s manager was thrown out for arguing a HR call in the bottom of the 6th – that was Manny’s inside the park.

  12. Okay - it wasn't an inside the park job. the umps changed the call after initially ruling it a ground rule double.

  13. That's a good perspective on why they left Schilling in for so long.

    That being said, I am concerned about the high pitch count. The strike outs look good, but his arm is going to fall off with a couple more 100+ starts.

  14. Highest counts this season

    Livan Hernandez (always a horse) 121
    Sheets 119
    Halladay 118

    Schilling today - either 117 or 118 - I've seen both numbers.

    Yep, Terry really wanted to get him the win. I was surprised to not see him stretch Halama out a bit. He only threw 11 pitches. And these are the games I hate seeing Timlin or Embree in.

  15. Another interesting thing to look at is that Willis's two complete games were 97 and 114 pitches respectively! Beckett's complete game was 110 or something like that (I thought he had 2, but yahoo only shows one complete game).

    Man, doesn't Florida have that guy Mota too?! Talk about saving his arm!

  16. Other pitchers with complete games:

    Halladay (the 118)
    Buerhle 106
    AJ Burnett 105 and 103
    D Lowe 108
    Pedro 101
    Aaron heilman 107
    Jake Westbrook 108 (8 inning road loss)
    Jeff Weaver 114
    Bruce Chen 102
    Ryan Franklin 91 (8 inning road loss)