Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Wow. So make that FOUR blown saves in a row.

Two things I'd never seen before today:

1) Torre taking the ball from Mariano.
2) Yankees "fans" booing Mariano. Just sick.

Get well soon Terry.


  1. Its great when you hear Yankee "fans," called among the most knowledable in the game. Give me a break.

    I'll repeat

    The "fans" that value class and professionalism. They booed Rivera off the mound. So let's see if I have this correct:

    You win 4 world series. And are the MVP of one of them. You are the undisputed greatest post season closer of all time. You hit a rough patch and blow four games against your rival. You get booed.

    You use steroids for use. Lie about your cheating. Only come clean when threatened with a felony and jail time. You defraud the Yankees out of >$100MM. In your first three seasons you win zero World Series. The one Ws you are in you bat .200 with one RBI and don't make a start in Game 5. Another year you are not hurt, but suck so bad they leave you off the playoff roster. Your team still owes you $80 MM and wants to get rid of you. You get the loudest ovation on opening day.

    Makes sense to me.

  2. Was that link supposed to go to the Post? However, I liked the article it went to.

    It is baffling that they booed Rivera, but it really shouldn't surprising. I was laughing my ass off at Michael Kay saying he was "flabergasted" by the Yankee "fans" boing. Where has he been all his life?

    Like you said, Tino got run out of town.

    Jeter got booed a couple years back when he was in his 0-30 slump.

    A-Rod was booed a bit last April when he was struggling.

    Giambi was booed mercilessly last year (and will again be booed real soon).

    NY it is all about what have you done for me lately.

    And forget the nonsense about blaming the booing on Sox fans. Have you ever been to a game and the other pitcher gets lit up? When he is yanked, what do you do? Do you boo? No. You cheer your ass off. Scream, clap. You don't boo. You boo when a guy comes in or announced to bat. But you don't boo after he gets rocked. People boo when the team they are rooting for perform badly. Period.

  3. Such a sweet freudian slip... here is the link I meant to post .

    All that being said you'll be happy to know that I have gone jogging twice this week, had sex twice so far, and did one crossword puzzle.

    Dementia be damned!

  4. But isn't the fact that you put up the wrong post a sign that you are either not jogging enough or worse yet getting enough sex.