Wednesday, April 27, 2005


The bad news: Three saves (1 was shaky), 1 win (also shaky), 3 losses, 1 (only one?!?) blown save.

The worse news: In 10 IP: 7.20 ERA, 4K/5BB, .310 BAA, WHIP 1.80.

The even worse news: Righties (in 16AB) are batting .500 off him. And slugging 1.250. That's an OPS of 1.806. (In fairness, these numbers were probably far less obscene before Tejada and Lopez teed off on him.)

This photo about sums it up. What's going on? Does he have nothing...or have hitters just figured him out? He doesn't have typical "closer stuff" -- mostly a weak fastball and a nasty changeup -- so the latter is certainly possible. I haven't watched enough of his innings to tell -- is his changeup more obvious these days?


  1. He has publicly said there is something off on his mechanics. Not sure what that means. One possibility is that he is telegraphing his pitches and everyone knows when either fastball or changeup is coming.

    Or it could be something else.

    Either way, I really, really did not like bringing him in during the 8th last night. A one run game against the best offense (and the meat of their order). I know I'm repeating my earlier post, but the more I think about it, the more it pisses me off. If its TB and we are up by 3, fine, let him work through his troubles and gain some confidence.

    I'm sure Francona felt like he had little choice, with Timlin and Embree used. But Mantei (who has alos been shaky) had only pitched 2/3 inning the day before. If you can't use him on back to back days, we are in trouble. What about Neal. Or maybe this was a day where you can use Wake. It just pissed me off. If Foulke gets beat in the 9th, fine.

    Also haven't read the paper yet today, but looks like we may see Wade Miller sooner than anticipated. I have to imagine they give him his rehab start in Pawtucket and then get him in a Sox uni.

  2. Okay, we have the Foulk discussion going on in two places, but I will continue it here.

    I think that Francona has not lost faith in Timlin and Embree, although he is maybe concerned about overusing them in the long haul. a la torre with Gordon and Quantrill last year. He's used Embree 12 times in 21 games and Timlin 10 times. And they have been okay, save on bad outing by Embree and one freak HR against TB.

    Its the rest of the pen I have to wonder about. Mantei is a bit shaky at this point - he looked really shaky on Friday and somewhat shaky on Sunday. sure he has pitched back to back so I guess I shouldn't be worried about that (although he probably did not pitch last night b/c he had pitched Sun and Mon and apparently has some ankle issue).

    After that we have Di Nardo (just called up), Myers (specialist), Halama and Neal. Probably not a lot of confidence in that group and when Clement only goes 4 innings it puts a strain on everyone.

    Continuing my ongoing look at Pedro/Lowe verus Wells/Clement...

    Depending on how Lowe does tonight, the last couple of days have not helped the Sox totals. Sure Pedro lost last night, but he only gave up four runs - you could make the argument that the sox would have won either monday or last night w/Petey. So I think we are probably looking at 2 wins less and possible 3, depending how Lowe looks tonight.

  3. I missed that D Lowe start - so if D Lowe pitched and gave up 4 over 7, that is better than Wells' start but Boston only scored 4 runs - plus 4 over 7 to the D'backs is probably equivalent to 5 or 6 against the O's. so that game was probably lost either way.

    My season tally stands at 2.


    we may see one of the kids being brought up so that we can keep Halama in long relief. Could be worse things than starting a Pappelbon or Alvarez in Detroit.

  4. Foulke speaks:

    ""It's speeding up some things, slowing some things down," Foulke said before the rainout. "It's mechanics. I could talk until I'm blue in the face. I'm physically healthy. I've got no excuses. I need to pitch three or four times a week...It's really hard on tape because you don't have the angles...I don't have the angle above me seeing body rotation. You don't see the different angles. Things are so minute. I just kind of block myself off. I don't allow my arm to come through and deliver the ball with something behind it, like a golfer. I keep pushing stuff...You guys see the playoffs last year?...You guys remember how I talked all last year about the more I pitch the better I am. Any more questions?"