Monday, April 11, 2005

The latest

Okay, so Pedro and the (new) Mets have won their first game. Pedro is on pace to go 16-0 with the Mets going 16-148. He also will strike out over 300 batters. Very impressive.

So while Pedro's first outing would not have helped the Sox a week ago against the Yankees, they could have used his most recent gem. While Wells and Clement each faultered in start number 2, even the Mets bullpen could not keep Pedro from winning today.

For now, the W-L cost of not having signed pedro is one victory. I still think in the long run the Sox made the correct decision. I sure hope Wells and clement can get some W's or else the media could be all of this in a week or two.


  1. Yeah, it'll be interesting to keep track of this all season. Wells so far has been a huge disappointment. [Pretty cool that he's saying he's still in Spring Training mode, when a month ago he was talking about how he didn't need Spring Training because he was ready for the season.] I'm not sure he's ever going to pitch the way we were hoping. How much of his last year was Petco?...

    Meanwhile Derek Lowe is doing just fine (despite the 0-1 record) out here in LA, giving up 4 ER in 11.1 innings. Some combination of the lack of pressure, the bigger ballpark, the light-hitting NL West, and the need to prove himself makes me think this will continue all season. Next season, on the other hand...

  2. I hadn’t even thought about tracking Lowe, since he was never really an option for coming back. But I guess if you track Lowe and Pedro against Wells and Clement we are down two wins.

    Lowe has looked good. Exactly like you said all those elements in play. But there is no way he will be worth $9/MM per year. Did you see that line drive that hit Lowe? Pretty scary stuff. He said it just missed causing some serious damage (not sure how you can tell that, but I’ll take his word).

    And Smoltz with 15Ks. Pretty impressive. Of course it was the Mets, but still.

  3. Not to argue, but...Wells' second outing was pretty good. Maybe not for the number two guy, but 5 runs (were they all earned?) in 7 innings and only 70+ pitches...Yes, he gave up the three HRs in a row...I know...but give him time.

    Not for nothing...If Clement had been given the run support that Lowe got last year there's a good chance he goes deeper in his first start and wins his second.

    I am not writing either guy off, yet.

    People are writing about Clement putting guys on base alot...We knew that about him...Lowe was not too adept at keeping guys off base until the postseason last year...It's early...When the offense clicks, these guys will settle in.

    Also, having Schilling there to properly re-align our starters is going to help everyone immensely. Wells giving up 5 against Halladay is nerve-wracking. Wells giving up 5 when the other guy is Lilly...not so bad...