Saturday, April 23, 2005


I'm thoroughly enjoying my Saturday watching the Yankees lose yet again. I know the name Yankees is in the name YES, but this is laughable. The dynamic duo of Kay and O'Neill can not bring themselves to say anything bad about the Yankees. Jim Kaat is being very quiet, but O'Neill is amazing.

Exact quote:

"This team is built to win the WS and those games come down to great pitching and great defense and this team has both."

Amazing. And then when asked if he had concerns based on what he has seen so far, he said No - it takes about 8-10 starts for a pitcher to get his rythm. Has he even been watching?

A few more innings and we can add Chan Ho Park to "the list."


  1. Yeah, it's crazy. What I like is that Wright, who gave up 4 ER in 5.1 IP, actually lowered his ERA.

    In years past I've always frowned on BoSox fans watching Yankees games and rooting against them, because it's so pointless -- what matters is how much the Sox win, not how much the Yanks lose. But this year...I dunno, it's just so fun. And yes, last year they got off to a terrible start also, but it was obvious they would turn it around in a big way, once they started playing to potential. This year, they're playing far worse than they could, but still have some serious flaws that can only be overcome with new blood.

    Can't fault the YES announcers for being YES-men. George Steinbrenner is their boss, remember. They go too negative, and they're canned. Anyway, I actually like it -- it makes the whole thing even funnier.

  2. Look for this guy to be called up relatively soon. He doesn't look ready (and has a 4.15 ERA at Columbus after 2 starts), but they're desperate.

  3. Yeah, all good points.

    I'm only really watching since its the only game on until the Sox are on. Not really rooting against NY or at least that is not my primary reason for watching. I agree though, it is fun to watch.

    And I do think they will be okay. They'll eventually score runs and their pitching won't be this bad all year.

    The announcers are a riot. An yes they will get fired for being negative. Can you imagine what a story that would be? Like Stone and the Cubs last year.

    I'm sure we'll get to see Wang soon enough. Wright left the game with what looked like an injury. Even if he is okay, who knows how long they'll keep Brown and Wright in the rotation - and the rest of their staff is a mess as well.

    I won't believe the hype though until I see him pitch. I mean how many Yankee "prospects" have we heard about the last 8-10 years. And how many of them actually pan out. Soriano may be the only one. And there have been a lot of guys that have been talked about.

    Plus, even if he is good, the Yanks will trade him come July to get some immediate help. Its just what they do - Lily, Milton, etc, etc The list could be endless.

  4. You can add David Bush (Tor) to the "list." Albeit in a losing cause.