Friday, April 08, 2005

Pedro Vs. Red Sox II

At this point I am sure you've all caught wind of this! It's sad that the Sox and Pedro broke up on bad terms. That being said, it happens and at this point I think Pedro is looking more and more like a prima-donna. Am I alone?


  1. Yes, you are alone, Mr. Dinosaurs. Pedro isn't a prima donna! He's a selfless player who puts his team and fans above all else, especially money, and his pride.

    Seriously, I don't think he left on bad terms. Instead he has some weird need to invent enemies. If something doesn't go his way, it's because someone else is out to get him.

    By contrast, Theo took the high road with a classy response, saying he certainly hopes Pedro accepts his ring, which was deserved. "He was a dominant guy here. Our franchise would not be in the position it's in today without his contribution. He's a Hall of Famer and did most of that with the Red Sox. So he's got a heck of a legacy with us, that's for sure."

    Who's the bigger man here?

  2. Its kind of like Clemens using the Duke as his motivational tool. If that's what Pedro needs to do to make himself feel better, than so be it. I think time will tell that Theo made the right move. Pedro is pissed that Theo didn't give him what he wanted.

    That being said, lets monitor Wells versus Pedro. Had we signed Pedro and not Wells, the Sox would still be 1-2. Petey's first inning HR would have been to Sheffield and not Dunn. The Sox scored only 2 runs, so best case scenario Sox still lose 3-2. Of course this might have given the Sox a shot at Rivera, but still would not have been a W for Petey.

    I do wish him well. He was a big part of THE team. Had he left without the WS championship, it may have felt more empty, but now it does not.

    I will always fondly remember the trips to Fenway to see him in 1999 and 2000 and even in 2001 - like that Sunday we sat out in the Bleachers and froze our ass of in the dreary weather and watched Pedro K 16 D-Rays (with the added joy of harassing Ben Grieve).

    We may never experience that level of performance again. Especially first handed.

    He'll be back and embrace Boston in old timers games in the future, where he'll be worshiped and adored.