Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Who Says The Policy Doesn't Work?

From the Denver Post:
San Francisco - Jorge Piedra, an outfielder on the Rockies' 40-man roster, expects to be suspended today for violating baseball's new drug policy. He would become the second major-league player publicly identified, joining Tampa Bay's Alex Sanchez.

Take that steroid users...

It's a shame the league's top talent is being targeted in this witch hunt while all the young struggling players are getting away with it...


  1. Yeah, I'm waiting for the first real Name to be nabbed. A Giambi or a Sheffield or a Bonds. Not a Piedra or Sanchez...or Manny Alexander. Remember him? Damn he was good.

  2. If you noticed, a lot of the minor leaguers got cut before the announcment was made. One of them was Darwin Soto (ex-Mariners AA-pitcher) signed by the Winnipeg Goldeyes (managed by Hal Lanier). The Mariners, and Soto's agent both neglected to tell the Goldeyes he was going to get suspended (he was signed before the list was released). It took a smart sports writer to figure it out, and then it took the Northern League a week to suspend the guy for a 7 games.

    WEAK. This drug thing is a farce.