Thursday, April 28, 2005

They can't be serious

Listening to Sterling and Waldman on the Yankee radio network, they were seriously saying that Joe torre had to be pleased with tonight's game. Brown had his best outing (true enough) and that his stuff finally looked good. And also that Matsui broke out of his slump with a big clutch hit. I guess he had been 2-22 or something.

So now the Yankees are counting moral victories. Very funny. Its not like its KC or Detroit.


  1. Add to the list of really stupid things said. Jorge Posada on thurman munson:

    "Growing up, I kind of liked the way he (Thurman Munson) played. I didn't see much of him, but I remember him being a leader. I remember him really standing up for his teammates, and that really caught my eye."

    Posada DOB 8/17/1971
    Muson deceased 8/2/1979

    I'm sure that the 7 year old Posada growing up in PR with very little TV coverage of MLB and the thing that young Jorge remembered was thurman being a leader and standing up for his teammates. Huh. Revisionist history, I guess.

  2. How about the fact that the Yankees had a losing April...

    This makes two years in a row where the "Bronx Bombers" were supposed to destory all records (win the most games ever, break all the offensive records, etc...) where they will not.

    Now, of course, they can still win the most games ever, but they will have to go on one heck of a winning streak to do so...With Mussina not being Mussina, Brown being a part of the rotation, and Wright being replaced by Wang, they don't have a shot.

    I love it...

    Meanwhile, the Sox should use this time to put some games between them because at some point the Yankees will start to win...

    My pre-season prediction still stands...Sox and Yankees...One will win the division, one the wild card. El Duque and Contreras will not carry the White Sox to the playoffs...No way, no how...Twins win that division. Angels in the west...

  3. I still like the Yanks and the Sox as well - too much talent, a lot of depth and the $$ to get better come july.

    It may be tough to put some distance between us and the Yanks, although after the Texas games, the schedule should be in our favor.

    I do worry a bit that the WC may not come out of the East. with the unbalanced schedule, we still have 38 games against NY and Baltimore - and Baltimore has given us fits. Obviously CWS will cool down, but both them and Minnesota get 19 games each against the awful Royals, the struggling Indians, and the not that impressive Tigers (even thoug they are .500 - they just swept Cleveland). I'm a little worried about that division.

    I do think that in the West we are seeing what we will see all year - the Angels are good. And everybody else will be about .500.

    As for the Yankees - I posted on here somewhere that the Yakees this year are no different than they were last year - they had gotten A-rod and Sheffield and made what everyone (ok, the NY media) thought were upgrades to their pitching and people were seriously talking about them as challenging the 98 TEAM. Please. First it was Brown and Vazquez. Now it is Unit, Pavano and Wright (not any more). And the Moose is scrapping. Of course last year they struggled early and still won a 100 games - not sure that will happen again, but it should be an interesting season.