Friday, April 15, 2005

Two great quotes from fark

Regarding A-Rod's saving a kid from being hit by a truck on Newbury Street:

"A-Rod saves boy from being hit by truck by slapping him out of the way"

"Good thing it wasn't Rivera. He can't save anything these days."


  1. Apparently Sheffield must have witness E-Rod pusing the kid to safety and he figured he could get some good press by pushing a drunken sot of a Sox fan in the RF boxes.

  2. ...Casey Fossum relieving Hideo Nomo! Awesome. Where's Pete Schourek?

  3. Nice to see Wells have a good outing. Even if it is the D-Rays.

    After all, he'll probably get 3-4 starts against them.

    Six strong innings and an 8-0 lead. Sounds like time to get him out of there. although I guess you could start him in the 7th with that big of a cusion and a short hook.

  4. Only 80 pitches through 6 - I guess he'll be out for the 7th.