Saturday, April 16, 2005

Headline of the Day

Report: Yankees closer to deal for new stadium

What, is Mariano Rivera now in the real estate business? (Ba-dum bum.)

Seriously, if I were a Yankee fan this would piss me off. Hell, I'm not a Yankee fan and it still pisses me off. One great thing about the old parks is you get to think about all the greats who played right there. And Yankee Stadium has had more greats than anybody. And it's not like the old stadium is dilapidated or lacking in amenities.

On the other hand, given that they want to move, they're doing it in maybe the best way possible. Paying for all of it ($800M), so no taxpayer money will be spent, except for parkland and a new train station, which are both worthy projects given the neighborhood.

Still, it all seems a little too perfect right now. Yanksees Prez Randy Levine: "We expect this project to be one that is supported by all." Yeah right, good luck with that.

1 comment:

  1. The stadium construction will cost approximately $800 million.

    Or approximately one year of the Yankees anticipated player salary budget once they move into their sure to be built with a record number of luxury boxes stadium.

    $300 million in public money may not fly so easily. Since thie appeared to be going on behind the scenes and was somewhat leaked it will be interesting to see the reaction. Lupica has bashed the Jets stadium deal (under different circumstances, but still he has been ruthless). My guess is that he will bash this project as well.

    Just what we need. The Yankees to increase their revenue streams...

    You know it just goes to show you how much better that team is run than the Mets, who have the worst stadium in baseball and couldn't get something like this done.