Friday, April 15, 2005


That was a great game, and a great series. The home plate umpiring sucked royally, but everyone (with the exception of Ron Jackson) managed to keep it together and just roll their eyes at the guy. But then the Gary Sheffield Thing happened. Such a non-story. Fan tried to catch the ball, or restrain his friend, or something; does a horrible job and clips Sheff on the lip; Sheff instinctively shoves the guy, realizes he has a baseball in his glove, wheels around, and throws it to the infield; by the time he turns around again, there's a (very quick!) security guard in the way, everyone calms down, the interfering fan is out of the ballpark, and that's the end. It had no effect on the game whatsoever.

And that's all anyone's talking about. YES, NESN, Baseball Tonight, SportsCenter. And tomorrow, the Herald, the Post, the Daily News, etc. Like I said, it was a great game. And there were other great games too -- baseball returned to Washington, and Vinny Castilla had a career night, showing he can hit even at sea level. But no, all we'll hear about is Sheffield. God I hate sportswriters.


  1. The photo in the NY Times kinda looks like Matt Damon.

  2. Remember that time that Matt Damon posted to our blog? That was cool.

    I was at the game, so awesome! The entire crowd was getting on the umpire about the strike zone (not a big suprise). I am glad that ESPN's K-zone did catch Arroyo's strike/non-strike to Shef. It was worth all the boos...

    The incident in right field is exactly as you pointed out Earl - a non-issue. I can't believe how much ESPN was squeezing it last night.

  3. I'm pregnant. I'm pregnant. Oh no, wait. I am a man.

  4. Wow... Longo is that you?

    Looks more like Pudge before he kicked the 'roids. That stuff really makes you hold water.