Monday, May 15, 2006

Wily Mo Fo

Can anyone truly still think that the trade for Arroyo was a bad one?

2 for 2 tonight with 4 RBI and a homer. Both hits to RF.


  1. I hate to cry conspiracy, but...

    The Rangers just took the lead in the top of the 8th by scoring 2 runs off Farnsworth...Then, out come the tarps.

    Of course, I am watching this through ESPN Gamecast, so if someone can prove me wrong, please do...

  2. Conspiracy averted. Tarp is off the field...Let's go Rangers!

  3. Wily Mo is making himself at home in center. And Coco is sure being mysterious about whatever is wrong with him. His hand should be fine.

  4. Coco apparently had (has) kidney stones...This would keep even the toughest guy out of the lineup...not that he is ready to play again. He needs some "baseball activity"...

    One huge thing about Pena playing well is that he can platoon with Nixon (with Coco heading to RF...we don't want Wily Mo over there), give Coco some days off (while he is rounding back into form), and gives some options to rest Ortiz and Manny.

    Manny can sit, Pena in CF, Coco in LF...

    Or, Ortiz gets a breather, Manny to DH, Pena in CF, Coco in LF. Or just Pena at DH.

    I like this setup. Lots and lots of options...I am, however, a little worried that Pena might cool off if not given some playing time...