Thursday, May 11, 2006

Sox-Yanks - Part 4 of 19

Interesting - just saw a report that Schilling left the Stadium to go to a NY hospital to be checked out - he came back and the Sox said it was "no big deal." No other details. Very strange. Or perhaps he just wanted to be like Randy. Pitch like shit. Go get a medical procedure.

Two (more) thoughts on Sterling. First, if I thought I was going to listen to the whole game, I would love to count the number of "drop-in" advertisements. This broadcast being brought to you from the Ameritrade studio. Ameritrade. Leading the financial service industry. There is at least one per inning. Per half inning. At least.

Second, the Yankees will get close to 2,000 hits this season and according to Sterling, I do not think one of them will be routine. Every hit is the result of some amazing effort, great job, hard work, excellent read, good discipline, amazing power, etc. Even bloop singles and broken bats are great jobs of fighting off tough pitches.


  1. Yankee first run is sponsored by Fox Channel 2 news.

  2. oops, just missed what was being sponsored. something by Re-Max.